Weight Gain and Depression
Imperterbability posted:
Has Anyone experienced weight gain with antidepressents, and does anyone have any advice of how to get rid of the added weight or to avoid it? Thank you:)
Daphnebuffettlane responded:
Yes, I have had difficult with weight gain....I always go on and off my drugs...very bad thing to do....I am on a new drug Viibyrd that does not seem to cause weight gain...I actually lost weight...
beautifulbuffalo replied to Daphnebuffettlane's response:
I gained 100 lbs. on antidepressents. I've since lost 25lbs. I was taken off all my meds that cause weight gain except lithium. I have to be on that or I get suicidal. Exercise is a good thing to do even if it's a little. I have been doing some home exercises and walking when I can and it helps. So get up and exercise doing something.