Severly Depressed
buchacat posted:
Someone please help me! I have no real family and friends. Everyone I know has a close family and friends. I had a few friends, they don't call me anymore. They don't know what it's like to be in my shoes. My poor son. He is all I have and a husband who is always working. I am afraid my son will think being this alone is normal. When he grows up, he doesn't have any family or siblings. I can't take this anymore! What can I do? Someone please help me!!
diane246 responded:
hi i know how you feel i dont have any family if ihad a way to go i might not be so lonely .ifeel like that many days .just wish i had some one to talk to ,thats going through same thing!if we lived in same city wecould have lunch or talk on phone .i have one friend who works all the time,my husband the way im middleaged grandma who is suffering empty nest syndrome.theris also a website call the wourld needs more love,but i dont know how toget signed up to receive lettters.i think that would be great people like us ,thatswhy she started the web site because she too waslonely hope you feel better someone does care!i UNDERSTAND.