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Is it normal to NOT want to connect with people?
perthy posted:
I actually like being left alone. I like my time alone. When infringed upon I get very irritated. People drain the hell out of me.

To my total and utter annoyance, some guy at work fancies me and always says cliche crap like "I can cheer you up! I can help you be happy and enjoy life! There's so much out there! Blah, blah" I say beep you, I don't appreciate being told I need to change! I don't want to change!

I wish I could just snap my fingers and make him disappear!
Mandz516 responded:
I am the exact same way. Its not that I'm not a happy person. I usually always have a smile on my face. People always say they can never tell if I'm having a bad day or not because I'm always smiling but I think sometimes that makes people stay away as well, which is fine by me. I dont think there's nothing wrong with you not being "sociable" or "extroverted" that's just your personality and there's nothing wrong with that. I am very introverted even though I am extremely extroverted in my career. I tell people I can talk to you for hours about anything and when we walk away Ill know everything about you but you'll realize how personal as we were, you'll know absolutely nothing about me.

I dont think the man at work necessarily wants to "change" you, I think he just likes it when you smile and wants to be the one to put that smile on your face is all. If you're into him, give him the chance but just tell him that you're not a social butterfly and dont want to be and that you arent happy in those situations. He can go out and be sociable but also stay in and spend time with you. If you're not into him, just tell him so. Simple as that. Tell him life is happy as it is and you're happy with it the way it is. Just because you're not sociable doesn't mean you're depressed and a horrible person. Stay true to you!
fmguy responded:
This dude from your workplace wants to reach you on an emotional level, with the eventual goal of getting into your pants! It's the oldest trick in the book. If thats thats the connection your looking for, go for it. Otherwise tell him to back off.
fmguy replied to Mandz516's response:
You and I think exactly alike! Nice knowing someone who feels the same way I do. Right on Mandz.
Daphnebuffettlane responded:
I know how you feel also...sometimes being with people is hard...I feel like I am always working at being happy for adds more stress to my life...and stress feeds my depression...irritation is part of depression and the anxiety that goes with is normal to feel what you are feeling...

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