the world is falling apart
semed posted:
My depression is resurfacing rearing its ugly head..

My family cant seem to get along with each other. The kids are selfish, inconsiderate dont listen. In general being kids. They cant ot wont listen to any one at any time. Its so frustrating!! Their parents are at heir wits end yring to get them to listen and treat people with repect. The kids understand what is being asked yet they choose to ignore until someone is yelling at them.

We've had a lot of turmoil in recent months. My daughter and son-in-law jusy bought a home in January (and we still have not put everthing away,) out family dog had to be put down due to old with bad quality of life, just to name a couple of things. There is alot more in emotions being thrown everywhere, most with frustration or anger,

I feel like I've walked into the Twilight zone. It hurts so much to see everyone tearing at each other's throat. And I can't say anything or I'll start a fight. Had one already this week, cuz what I said wad undermining my daughters authority over her children and they heard me say it. To say the least it got really ugly really fast. I feel like I'm wallkng on shards of glass and each one is taking its share of blood.

I don't know if anyone will read this. Basically I'm just venting. I really need to see acounsellr or psychiatrist. I'm at my sits end in trying to help when it is not wanted. I'm holding everything in and trying to stay calm (high bp) and talk calmly without yelling. Its hard but I have to try something anything. I know I can't fix it all, but maybe my quiet calm will help mellow others.

I don't know what will happen. Just keep me in your prayers. PLEASE!!
diane246 responded:
will definetly keep u in my prayers,i have the same problem with resistant depression ,it seems asthough it will be o.k. &then something will trigger it & i cant stop crying.seeing atherapist is a good start!i dont know what i would do if i didnt have a good family doesnt get along well either.its so depressing .ihave one friend i can talk to but amto ashamed to tell her all of the family stuff for fear she wont understand ,or will be judgemental..ive talked with u before .write if uneed to talk .