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MR therapy for depression
An_251223 posted:
Does anyone have experience with MR Therapy for depression?

My 20 yo son has Major Depression Disorder apparently since at least a young teenager and will not stick with any counseling. He was a very good student and very bright at one time but has given up on being happy. He was accepted into a good college, but has a very defeatist attitude and basically has lost all ambition or will to succeed or even do anything to help himself. Various medications have not seemed to help for any amount of time and he does not believe any therapists or counselors can help him. It sounds like he will fail out of college this semester further fulfilling his defeated attitude. He is unfortunately unable to find a job either in his current state.
He has been on Vybrid for about a month which is as long as he has stuck with anything, but his depression is back in full force despite working up to a 40mg dose of Vybrid. His doctor suggested adding Welbutrin to his medications, and trying MR Therapy. He is willing to try it at this point.

I have read mixed reviews on MR therapy, but at this point we don't see a whole lot to lose. It is so frustrating to try to help someone who has so much potential but seems unwilling and unable to do anything but destroy themselves with lack of action. I am having trouble staying positive with him after years of the same cycles which seem to be getting worse. Does anyone have any advice on MR Therapy?
Does anyone have any ideas to help this young fellow save his future and maybe his life?
oalex responded:
Also does anyone have advice for parents of a college age son with Major Depressive Disorder. I am at a loss for how to help.
Daphnebuffettlane responded:
I have suffered from depression since I was 10 , I am 54 ....I have been on every med out there...many different therapy and therapist...I am on Viibyrd and did need to add another anti depressant and anti anxiety....when you have MDD you have to try everything....and anything ...I know the emptiness your son is feeling...I was never able to hold a job for very members are tired of me....friends gave up on me...relationship suffer because watching a depressed loved one is so hard on the people who try so hard to be supportive like you not give up try any option or med that is out there...I am an example of you can live with depression...but it is a life time battle....
oalex responded:
My son underwent MR therapy with positive results. After about 10-15 sessions there was a noticeable change. He returned to college last semester and seems to be significantly improved after the therapy with no additional meds. Hope this lasts but so far this appears to have helped improve his situation.

Just wanted to include this followup given that there was not more info on MR therapy for depression here. Seems a lot safer than electroshock and hopefully our new order health care system will not restrict its use. It was very expensive and not covered, but was only thing we found so far that worked, so should save in the long run.

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