What dose my sleeping mean?
mondo25 posted:
Hi names amondo and i was wondering , if im just depressed or something wrong with my brain? was wondering what is it if can go to sleep for eight hours and then wake up but then couple hours later i want to just sleep again. I can go lay down or go curl up on couch and fall asleep and sleep again for like another eight hours in the same day. All i seem to want to do lately , just curl up in a blanket any where and fall asleep and not wake up. I sleep for 3 hours to 8 to 16hrs in a day . Could it be cause im working over nights? Even on my days off Ive gone to sleep at like 9pm but sleep clear till 5pm next day . I need to know thank you amondo
springboks1994 responded:
it all depends do you feel depressed (sad, crying, emmotional?) , if not you may have something out of whack in your body, i would suggest doing to the doctor and have a full work up, be very careful if your doctor wants to prescribe an antidepressant, these should only be prescribed by the correct MD which is a psychriatrist.