OCD and Depression
An_251345 posted:
I am obsessed about almost everything. height , weight , complexion and etc.
I am also depressed because I assume that I will never feel normal again.
I have suicide thoughts but I am not brave ( or coward ) enough so I haven't tried it yet.
I'd appreciate any help.

P.S.: I'm 21 year old man !
momuv4girls responded:
Have you sought out therapy? A really good therapist could help you work through these thoughts, medication might be helpful also.

LjaDeC responded:
I would suggest "An_251345" that you seek some sort of therapy, if you have not taken that route yet. I am 30 years old, and I did not seek help until I was 24. I deal with a multitude of things, but, it was not until recently, like a week ago, that my therapist brought up OCD. She and my psychologist had apparently been discussing this about me, and I apparently mentioned some characteristics in my last session, such as my weight, skin care, dental hygiene, body image, self-image...etc. In 2005 I was diagnosed Bipolar I disorder with manic depression. So, depression and OCD...including any other issues, coupled together is a task. If you are seeing a therapist or psychologist...what meds are you taking or what sort of therapy regiment are you on? I would love to advise you more, but I just need a little more detail.