Living with Depression caused by medicine
An_251468 posted:
My Wife started getting hives over am year ago. Ever since she has been taking one tablet of Citrizine HCL (Citrizet) a day. She simply cannot live without it. It can turn out to be so bad that she start having severe difficulty in breathing if she doesnt take the pill. The long use of the drug have given her some serious side effects. She has been having severe depression, extremely low sexual libido , irritation and the med has made her a different person she doesn't wanna be. Even it effects our marriage life so badly. The moment she try stopping taking the pill, her body switches back to normal self. she is sick of what she goes through.

The depression is so bad she argues with me, finds fault becomes so sad and miserable.

I read on the internet that 1% of women can have such reactions . Can someone help me please .