Need to Vent
coldhart posted:
My husband and i are 70 years old with lots of health problems and no one to help us. I am so frustrated with everything that is happening to us. We are pretty isolated from other people (our doing) and have no one but each other to talk to. Unfortunately that doesn't help. He is part of my frustration. I feel like i could scream my head off but don't think that would help. Thanks for just having a place that i can release this to.
redbirdy3 responded:
It is nice to have a place to vent. My problem with my husband is that I have no one to share it with. If I were to tell my friends or family, they would hate him and I don't want that, writing can be very therapeutic.
coldhart replied to redbirdy3's response:
Just writting that i am having difficulty dealing with all of our issues helped. My husband leaves everything to me to deal with and sometimes i feel overwhelmed. Knowing that i could say what i did and not be judged made me feel better. I hope this Community is a help to you.
rohvannyn responded:
If you ever need to vent something that you really don't want seeing the light of day, there is an anonymous button you can use too. The others are right, it's good to have a place you can just let it out.