overcomingdaily posted:
I was looking for a support group for being married to a depressed spouse and came across this site. I read some of the comments and knew that I had found what I needed! I met my husband almost two years ago and have been married for a year. He told me about his depression but I had not experienced it to the degree that it has developed now. I first felt like he would snap out of it but after getting accurate information I know better now. He is open to therapy and is in therapy now. Dealing with the depression day in and day out has took its toll on me. I thought I could pray it away but now I know better. He is so outgoing at church but he is a totally different person on a day to day basis. He told me the only fun he has is at church. That hurt but I remained silent. I was in therapy with him at first then the therapist wanted to address issues of thoughts of suicide with him. I just needed a place where others can understand and I don't feel like I am crazy. We don't have any children at home and I am thankful for that. Thank you for a place to vent.
rohvannyn responded:
I know for a fact there are other folk here who have a depressed spouse, and not just me, so you will find people who understand what you are going through. Posting is a little quiet right now. Welcome!
overcomingdaily replied to rohvannyn's response:
Thank you Rohvannyn for your welcome!