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sexual sides..
cheesedips posted:
its almost impossible to get a proper erection and requires effort to achieve orgasm...terrible. although i get wonderful erections at nite once bladder is full....i take effexor, lamictal daily..anything i can do naturally to fix
Anon_175177 responded:
YES! I was on Effexor and had no sex drive. Then I switched to the upgraded Effexor called Pristiq and it all came back. It doesn't come in generic, so it could cost you more depending on your situation. I read a lot of reviews by people on another medical website. Most of them claimed that their sex drive had come back, but a few said there was no change. Give it some time to come back after the switch. Good luck.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
A switch to pristiq, cymbalta, trazodone, remeron, wellbutrin may be a good idea. Pristiq is closest to effexor- so if effexor is working well except for sex side effects, I like pristiq option too.

If you are on effexor and only partially less depressed, sometimes we add wellbutrinXL to it at same time and this finishes treating the depression and helps erections both at same time