Trying To Deal
An_251733 posted:
I've never been on a discussion board before, but am trying to see if there are people that can relate. I've had depression/anxiety for years on and off of meds. I had been doing really well off of meds since the beginning of the year in 2012. My sister got recently diagnosed w/ lymphoma, I've been trying to recuperate from an injury since 2010, and due to a domino effect of life events my migraines are out of control which doesn't allow me to work the way I should and now my house is in foreclosure. I realize people have problems - many a lot more significant than my own, but I can't seem to get out of my rut. I can't handle anymore stress. I feel broken and unable to face life the way I should. My sister who is going through chemo seems to be having more strength than I am, which makes me feel so ashamed. I have a husband and daughter and I feel it takes all of my strength and determination to be present with them.
itmatsb responded:
So sorry to hear about your problems. It certainly sounds like it is time for you to go back on the medications. And my psychiatrist told me that with a history of depression that I should not go on and off of anti-depressants because it can be harder to treat and can take more of the medication to work. I took his advice. But then about 6 years later, I had a very difficult time and thought that no drug could possibly help me with something that was so situational. I was truly amazed when the depression lifted about a month later from just increasing the anti-depressant.

If you get your depression under control, then you can tackle anything. Really. So I sincerely hope that you will get back on your medication. All the best to you.
An_251747 responded:
Depression can really zap your energy. I can relate to your dilemma. It takes hours for me to complete any task that involves mental energy and concentration. Poor sleep does not help either. But I try to remember depression is an illness and self criticism and shame make it worse. I turn to my best friend-bless her heart-and adult son when needed. I hope you have the courage to disclose what is happening to you.