Depressed daughter stops taking meds....
Allis07 posted:
I have a 20 year daughter that suffers from depression. She does really well when she is taking her meds but she will just stop taking them. We all then notice she is very distant, very irritable and snappy. She does not sleep. She becomes very secretive and confides in people that none of us know. She will lie right to our faces. Speaks of moving away to get away from her family. Which in fact her entire family is the only ones that are there all the time to help her and her daughter all the time. She does not have a lot of close friends. She has a 11 month old daughter with down syndrome. Which in itself is very stressful as the baby has had open heart surgery at 22 weeks but she needs to have a healthy Mom to help her. Both of them live with my husband and I and we continue to support her emotionally and financially. I have tried everything to make sure she takes her meds including setting an alarm on my cell to remind her every day. I have even counted her pills to know whether she is taking or not. She will lie and say she did when in fact she did not. Just do not know what to do or where to turn to get her the help she needs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.