Weight loss on antidepressants
Lilysjm posted:
Hi - good info. Does it matter what time of day the anti-depressants are taken? I take cipralex ( 10 mg) only but choose to take it at suppertime. Would it be wiser to take it now in the morning or specifically at bedtime? Does it impact the weight gain depending on when taken?
I have reluctantly started cipralex again after about 2 yrs of no meds but at the same time suffered with vertigo badly for two periods of time plus then sciatica which is still not great - thus not as active as I had hoped to be - plus had no Vit D according to blood tests in my system so also started Vit D3 at 2000 units daily. I have gained weight just due to inactivity and antidepressant, I think due to some phsical limitations with vertigo and sciatia plus some pain meds - so feel hopeless ref the weight gain having been a bit overweight int he beginning. Woe is me. I know I need to stay on the cipralex however for awhile. Any advice is helpful. Lilysjm