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I am very depressed but with every med. I suffer from horrendous side effects.
crystalgreeneyes posted:
I have fibromyalgia. I have tried Cymbalta and Lyrica and host of others. All medication causes horrendous side effects for me even many vitamins and I also have a lot of sensitivity with foods. What can I do? I cry every day, I am restless and angry and irritable. My life feels hopeless and many days I feel like giving up. Pain medication is not effective or makes my pain worse. Surely I am not the only person with this problem? The doctors won't investigate further because if I can't or won't take the medication, then it ends there. I can (barely) tolerate a sleeping pill in a small dosage because I have to sleep. My anxiety is sky high. Anti anxiety meds make me depressed especially if I take more then .5 mg per day. What can I do? Anyone experiencing this?
itmatsb responded:
You are suffering from fibromyalgia and severe depression. You say that when you refuse to try another med, it ends there. The doctors don't have anything else to offer you.

There is one thing that is not a medication that the fibromyalgia experts say is the single best way to treat it and that is exercise. You have to start off very slowly. You could start with swimming or slow walking--not too far. Then increase it.

Regarding your depression, you've only mentioned one anti-depressant. You need to try others in different classes from the Cymbalta. You have to try to get better. That's the only way. It's in your hands.
crystalgreeneyes replied to itmatsb's response:
Thank you. Let me see if there's an antidepressant from any class that I haven't tried. I have taken dosages of anti-anxiety medication that would knock out an elephant but have not made me the least bit sleepy. Both antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.don't have the desired effect with me but quite the opposite.
On the days that I can manage to crawl out of bed after having slept for maybe 3 hours and I can stand upright for more than 10 mins., I clean, cook, bake, do laundry, iron, read, drive my daughter to and from work, make her dinner and lunch and so on. I do 2 sessions on the treadmill of 20 mins each and when the weather is nice, I walk for 40 mins. I walk to the closer stores and when I do drive, I park far away so I can walk to the door. There are no free swimming classes or therapy or anything of that nature where I live and I don't have an income. Neither my daughter nor my husband support me in any way. I have been "trying to get better" for 13 years. Yes, it's in my hands but it's not my refusal to take antidepressants, it's more of a question of why I react this way. When I had a bad flare up some years ago, I did take antidepressants and they worked and I was became functional again. This is no longer the case.
libby1231 responded:
Yes like the other person said if you Exercise or if you can afford a massage can be helpfull if you give up it wont help the fibromyalgia i no from a friend that that has that illness exercise was key to getting the pain under controll i no that when you are depressed i no cause iam depressed its hard to even get out of bed but thats about all i no sorry if not helpfull.
itmatsb replied to crystalgreeneyes's response:
Well, you certainly are getting a lot of exercise. Is it too much? There is a balance between too little and too much exercise to treat the pain of fibromyalgia. It sounds like you have tried a lot of meds. Be very proud of yourself for having tried so many medications. That's not easy. Imagine that you tried Savella for your fibro which has "cured" many people's fibro from the reviews. I couldn't stand the nausea from it to treat my fibro--so too bad. But Trazodone has helped me quite a bit with my fibro.

Several questions to ask you. 1) When the anti-depressant stopped working, did you try increasing it? I was on an anti-depressant that stopped working and I was in severe depression. Just increasing it completely took away my depression a month later. 2) Have you tried MAO Inhibitors? They are very seldom prescribed because you have to avoid certain foods, but I never felt so good as when I took that. A bit too good in fact. 3) Have you been to a good psychiatrist who can give a mixture of medications to you? Sometimes just adding something like Abilify can make all the difference. 4) Have you tried ECT? It's not terrible like it was in the far past. Wouldn't it be worth a try rather than you struggling so much?

I feel really bad for you, but there is hope for you if you haven't tried everything. And there are always new meds coming out because so very many people suffer from depression. There could be a really great life ahead for you. I hope that you won't give up. Let me know if any of my suggestions are new to you. Wish you the best.

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