Sleeping gone bad
libby1231 posted:
So i'am aware i sleep 17 hours a day sometimes more or less i tryed setting the alarm on my phone but when it rings i just turn it off and get up but then i relize iam so tired it's not worth fighting it. Iam just wondering if anyone else sleeps like this..? If so how do cope with this i cant seem to figure it out. Iam aware i have an illness more then one but surely other people out there have this also.
rohvannyn responded:
Sounds you are going through a tough time. Lots of things can cause sleepiness like that. Depression is a biggie, that can make you feel absolutely exhausted, and sap the will to fight it. Is it better when you are interested in doing a project of some kind, or when you are in a good mood?

Sleep apnea can cause exhaustion, as can anything that interrupts your sleep cycle. Some medications can do that too. Any new ones? The body needing to heal, will sometimes cause that kind of sleepiness.

As for your question, there are certainly times I would have wanted to sleep like this but work and school have always prevented me. I know you aren't alone with this issue. What has helped me before is getting up and moving around, perhaps with some energetic music to get me going. A shower helps too. You'd be surprised, but if your physical abilities allow, exercise will do wonders to wake you up.