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Outpatient ECT
BitterPug posted:
Please, please.
Could anyone tell me if there are any outpatient facilities that perform ECT in the Illinois or St Louis region?
I'm willing to stay in a nearby hotel the first few sessions in case of side effects.
My medical health provider did zero research and I was in a locked psych ward, 1 inch plastic mattress, roommate watching me sleep and following 2 feet behind me anywhere I went. I can't recover in a place like that.
I demanded release the next day, was taunted by the night staff that I'd have to stay allow I was there for a voluntary procedure.
I was released the next morning but not before the offensive shrink that would have performed the procedure (I still have no clue why he was asking me personal questions when I wasn't his patient.)inquired over and over if I had been molested as a child despite my repeated "no."
He then asked why I've been married 20 years but have no children! He said I obviously didn't have a college degree (?) then scoffed when I told him I had a BA in Fine Arts, Printmaking. He only treated me like a person when I told him I was a small retail business owner.
I may be wrong but the fact I was allowed to leave meant major bungling on both my meds provider and the hospital's fault.
Later that day my 'impossible to reach w/out a 3 week wait for an appointment' meds provider called me, furious. The woman who lauded me each visit w/my willingness to work toward regaining my life back insisted she told me it was a locked ward, (A lie.) and informed me she's "tired of me fighting her at every turn. I should find a new meds provider!"
My mom passed away this year, except for my husband, I have no support system. I still see the therapist at the centre as I felt I connected w/her. But I have an appointment tomorrow and her words I blindly, guiltily swallowed at our last session 'who she thought long and hard whether she should keep me on as a patient' have haunted me for 2 weeks. I know I need to bring this up, perhaps losing another (paid) support system.
The ECT feels like it was dangled in front of me like a golden apple, then snatched away. But I knew there was no way possible I could have stayed in that ward (I had experience w/a locked ward 4 years ago.) over two weeks w/that doctor performing a procedure I wanted but was nervous and frightened of.
I want to do the procedure out patient. The meds provider and the doctor said that wasn't possible but I know it is.
Does anyone here have any references to a facility? Thank you so much for reading this tome.
marysings responded:
Hi BitterPug. I usually post on the sexual abuse and borderline communities. I wandered to this site and I couldn't help but read your post.

I will be horribly disappointed if you return to the counselor and the psych doctor. How nasty they are!!

Go online and do a search of counselors and psychiatrists in your area. When you call, tell the receptionist you are severely depressed and need help soon.

I know little about ECT except the patient is under anesthesia during the procedure. Maybe that is why it is not done outpatient? If I was you, I would do a lot of research online.

I hope I didn't step on your toes.

I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.

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