smoochys12 posted:
I have suffered with depression for 25 years. I have bounced from one med to another.
The worst thing is that my daughter was just diagnosed with depression. I am filled with guilt, because I know it runs in families. I never wanted to give her that /

tryingtobeawesome responded:
Depression can run in families, but it certainly doesn't always. I'm the only one in my family, and my family is not at all supportive of mental illness of any kind. I can't talk to my family about what I've been through. Maybe you can look at it as an opportunity to support each other instead of something that's your fault.
steph1977 replied to tryingtobeawesome's response:
I completely agree. I am about the only one in my family and i get ZERO support or understanding. Atleast your daughter will have that because i know i would love to
rohvannyn responded:
Please, don't feel guilty. If it runs in families, that's referring to genetics. You can't control what you pass on in your genes, so you bear absolutely no responsibility. The others are right. You have the opportunity to pass on to her what you have learned about dealing with depression. You can also encourage her to understand her condition, and research it together. Learning together is a very powerful experience and perhaps you can both gain more understanding, as well as help yourselves a little.

Resist despair. That's depression talking. Work together. Be there for her. That's the greatest gift you can give as a mom. Your job isn't to make sure her life is trouble free, but rather to give her the skills to deal with the bumps in life's road as they come.

If you don't feel you have those skills, this is the time to learn them, she will thank you for it. I wish to heck someone had done that for me, I'm still putting myself together and learning those lessons now.