An_250827 posted:
what is the difference between depression, anxiety, stress or bipolar. is it just the medication???
rohvannyn responded:
I know different medications can treat the different conditions. Here's what I understand it to be, and anyone, feel free to chime in if I don't get it right.

Depression is when certain chemicals in your brain are out of balence. It can cause sadness, apathy, feelings of hopelessness, tiredness, and even physical pain. It can make it physically difficult to do anything. It can come and go, or stay for years, and it can be very mild all the way up to very severe.

Anxiety is when your body reacts as if it is under a lot of stress even when it really isn't. You can feel afraid all the time, and you can also have physical pain or other side effects.

Stress is stress, it's an environmental factor. It's just anything that is hard for you to deal with and causes your body to react as if it's in danger. If you don't exercise or do something to calm down, stress can build up and really mess with you. But it's not really a disorder unless you are talking about post traumatic stress disorder.

Bipolar, as I understand it, used to be called "manic-depression" and usually means cycles of very energetic activity and depression, basically high highs and low lows. I know this is oversimplifying everything. All of thse things (except stress, which isn't a disorder) can be treated with therapy, medication, or a number of other means. There's information about each right here on WebMD as well if you are interested.