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buchacat posted:
I feel like i am being puished for no reason. My son and I are always alone, I mean ALWAYS! We have no friends and I am tired of trying, no one calls back i cant take it anymore. i just want to die. what did i do to deserve this? i am tired of trying to make friends. we have no family either and husband is a workaholic and not social. i just want to kill myself. there is no reason for this.
buchacat responded:
niteflier responded:
Hello Buchacat, I am sorry you are feeling this way. How old is your son?


Perhaps the Animal Spirit is so great that one day it may inspire compassion in the human heart. Nan Sea Love

Anon_15024 responded:
Hi buchacat
you sound like you are having an awful time of it. I will ask the same as niteflier, how old is your son, did you feel like this before he was born?
Before you had him, were you working, did life revolve around work and now around family life? To feel desperate in this situation is normal, adjusting to change in lifestyle can be traumatic for all of us.
Maybe I am on the wrong track completely with this and your dip in mood has nothing directly to do with your son?
I think I am trying to say, changes in feelings and reactions to everyday situations is normal, the feeling of "I just want to kill myself" are not. Having been there and used this site for advice, I urge you to firstly try and share more about your understanding of where you are at the moment and how you got there and what kind of help/advice/support you would like.
rohvannyn responded:
Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. I guess the only thing I can really say is this: if what you are doing isn't working, do something else. Try something new. Perhaps, stop trying to make friends. Instead, think about something you can do (preferably with your son) that you will enjoy doing. Hopefully it's around other people. Some activity, volunteer project, game, trip to the park, free music event, SOMETHING. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Not to shout, just to emphasise.

I say that because I know that when I'm really, really depressed, I don't do much. Doing something, almost anything, helps shift focus from the inside of my own head and the horror show in there to the outside world.

Start with something simple. Take your son to the park. When you see other people around, smile, make eye contact, and leave it at that. Look at how you interact with other people and if there are any ways you could improve that. But try to find ways to increase your own satisfaction in life.

Trying not to make this into too much of a text wall here! But I want to help you, and your son. So this is the last thing I will say. I have learned through hard experience that usually if you are very depressed, you will tend to drive people away. That is why I have been so strongly emphasizing just getting out and doing something, because when you do that the rest will tend to take care of itself. I also know how hard it is to get started so that's why I threw some ideas out there for you.

I wish you both the best.
annto55 responded:
Hi buchacat,

If you need a friend you can count me as friend. I know how you feel because I have no friends either and it does feel bad. One thing I am going to do is find a way to volunteer and help other people feeling like myself. It feels good to do that and distracts me from myself.

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