Plz read my prior post...i really need advice...
Butterflykisses4Chela posted:
I know I need to change myself and want to but its so hard....feel like I've been fighting so hard not to end up like this that I fall worse when I give up's hard being the only feeling like this and wanting help and support when your loved ones cant see how much pain im in and cant help myself....I gotta tough it out and live happy and think happy...well it makes me feel even worse because they have not heard my pleads and begging for them to not understand but at least accept that I have a serious problem and not just being over dramatic all the time...why cant they see how they continue to hurt me and keep me feeling so low....plz read my prior post so you cant get someof my story...really need someone
cindigal responded:
That is really sad that your own husband won't help you and get you help. You mentioned that he and the kids play games with you. What games are you talking about..??. Sometimes the people in your family dont understand depression unless they aware of it. Can you sit your husband explain how you are feeling and get therapy before you crack-up about the things are effecting you. I think there are crisis numbers out there that you can call and talk to someone. They will advise you the places or people you can get help.