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treatment resistant depression...
An_252532 posted:
Hi Everyone
I have had episode of depression for 5yrs. Paxil worked for a while than it came back and now I have tried Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac &, Pristiq. Now Dr has switched me to Wellbutrin and has been one week and no relief yet. I wake up feeling sad. Am doing lots of volunteer work and keep busy. Feel guilty complaining as life has been good to me!
Does anyone have ideas about what has helped them? I really believe it to be a chemical imbalance and at age 60 want to enjoy my golden years!!
cindigal responded:
I had depression for 10 yrs or so, but those combination of meds I never had. Are they in the same family..?? I had different meds during the depression but I cant recall all of them. Sometimes its circumstances that makes us depression. The last meds I was prescribed was Topamax and ativan for anxiety. I took those for 4 years straight and when I visited the doc I asked If we can wean off of topamax cause I thought after time, they lose their I thought. I still take my ativan, I wont stop that one because I only take at bedtime to helps out with sleeping. I have not had depression episodes for a long time. Of course, I can get a off day where I feel the best, buts that most people. What helps me is to think to myself....there are alot of people that are less fortunate than I, and be greatful of what I have. I hope this helps somewhat.

debby66 replied to cindigal's response:
Hi Cindigal....
I am feeling a little better this week, so perhaps my Doc has helped me? Am hoping each week I improve more and really enjoy life again!!
I do not know if you are a female, but I remember feeling so good when I was taking Hormone Replacement before it became unpopular and they took us off of it.
Perhaps "depression" is something that comes with the territory of living in this world? My husband thinks I am fine but I remember really feeling HAPPY and it is just different now.
Take Care
k9kraze responded:
I have suffered with MDD for most of my life and I'm 57 years old. Recently I was in a DBT Group.(Dialectical Behavior Therapy), through my county mental health dept. It's a type of cognitive therapy that concentrates on psychosocial aspects of treatment. This really helped my MDD but I must practice DBT on a daily basis because it's such a new way of thinking for me. You might see if your county mental health has such a program or perhaps a psychiatrist or psychologist. Good luck my friend.
sadgirl2013 responded:
Please don't feel like your complaning hon, your looking for help thats a great step, as I also get the feeling I complain to much to my own family, so I know how you feel,

I'am taking Lexapro now used to take paxil But the lexapro seems to be helping alittle, but no pills can help if theres to much negativity in your life by people, our family and friends seem to be to busy to ( understand ) what were going threw, thats my situation here, so I also am reaching out to people who go threw the same,

I don't think it's a chemical imbalance, cause you say life is good to you, I think your just not happy and probably like me Don't know how to be with all the stresses around us! so Please hang in there, and keep talking to others, you might find yourself feeling so much better and between your medicine and ( good friends ) your on your way!!! be praying for you...your friend Cathy

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