Accientall overdose
jaws82 posted:
I am in a 12-step program and relapsed (accidental? ) My wife takes care of the meds I take. I also see a pain management doctor for chronic neck and back issues and am having my third surgery at the end of July. I took too much of my pain meds and my sponsor in NA along with numerous friends I COULD have died. I am so scared that would happen again. I have tried to stop taking them but the withdrawl symptoms are horrific. I really need help

at end of ment doctor every month from chronic neck and back issues., I am having my 3rd surgery
cindigal responded:
What kind of side effects did you get from withdrawal of pain meds.??. I saw a program about people so addicted to them and it's very hard to stop. Myself, I dont take them ever but once when I had a bad ear ache. I probably took one or two from the bottle. The bottle is still in my cabinet. I took depression meds for many years, different ones but I be scared to ever take pain meds for the reasons you mentioned. If you have the fear of taking them again, remind yourself of how terrible the side effects of withdrawal. Probably that alone would keep from taking them.