Thomas L Schwartz, MD posted:
Hi All- want to see a great and skilled interviewer and a nervous interviewee/ WebMD expert? As you have all seen my static picture and short fast posts, get to see me at least talking on a video clip for Depression in Focus...
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susiemargaret responded:
hello, dr. schwartz --

yes! go for it, famous person!

-- susie margaret
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JustAnotherGirl83 replied to susiemargaret's response:
LOL, well at least you're honest
You did not come off nervous at all, so good job
Janna56 responded:
Hi There - May I ask where I can see you on a video clip? Looking forward to it. ... . Jana
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Wow, THERE you are, Dr. Schwartz!

It's really good to see you! I thought the interview was really great, you came across well, and you shared some really good info in a way that even I could understand it. Well done!

Janna, if you click on the web address that Dr. Schwartz posted, you can watch the first clip (which doesn't have him) and then it goes into two more which do include our good doctor.Or, once you're there, click on the 'Not an Easy Diagnosis' little TV window below the main video screen, or the 'Treatment Options' one.

I'll be putting this in the Announcements area of this board so others can easily find it too.

This really is worth watching, everyone.
Applepies responded:
I will look forward to seeing the clip. Nice job with this site.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to Applepies's response:
Hi Applepies,

Click on the web address that Dr. Schwartz provided in his first post on this discussion.... you'll be able to see him there.
warriorgal responded:
Great to see you interviewed, Dr. Schwartz, but I imagine such appearances are part and parcel of your job--thought you'd be in cruise control...

A little stiff, but otherwise great. Your answers were intelligent and well-delivered.

But I do have a question: Did I understand you correctly when you said that depression occurring in the wake of a diagnosis of serious illness isn't usually expected? I am surprised at this. I would think (and certainly wouldn't blame people) if a diagnosis of a serious/fatal illness precipitated a bout of depression.

Perhaps you can clarify?