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Managing Insomnia or poor sleep
Thomas L Schwartz, MD posted:
A Step-Wise Approach to Insomnia:
If you have plain old persistant insomnia that causes you to not function well during the day, here are some ideas.
First, make sure it is not a medical condition keeping you awake- like snoring or apnea or pain or restless legs or depression/anxiety... if a cause is known treat it.
Second, if there is not a clear cause google 'sleep hygiene' or go to from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and make sure you are behaviorally trying good sleep practices.
Third- If that fails, you can find a therapist to teach you behavioral sleep techniques (these often work as well as meds, but you need to find a therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia...).
Fourth- If these non med things fail there are addictive and non addictive sleep meds you can ask for. Rozerem and Silenor are FDA approved non-addictive ones. Slightly addictive ones are ambien, sonata, lunesta and more addictive are restoril or dalmane. All sleeping pills can work but make you tired/groggy in the morning, dizzy, off balance. some can make you sleep walk and as noted some are addicting- so talk to your doc.
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Ronkid responded:
Hello doctor, thank you for reading my question. actually it's not about me, it's about my cousin who lives in
a foreign country. She has this diseases "cortisol efficiency" for last 5 years. though i found out very
recently as she asked me to send her over "Pregnenolone 25mg" medicine to her for whole year as its expensive
in her country. I tried to ask why she needs it for whole year? she told me she has "cortisol efficiency" and
her body has stopped producing certain type of hormones and she will need those pills for rest of her
life as that is what her doctor told her.She is also being treated under him for last 3 years. My question
is " Is there a cure for this diseases and if there is how can it be done".I would very muchly like to provide
this information to her. Please feel free to provide me some information.
susiemargaret replied to Ronkid's response:
hello, R --

you have some responses to your duplicate post, at .

-- susie margaret
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
karbob30 responded:
Hi Dr. Schwartz.

I have a different question about sleep. Do you know of any peer reports or studies that document the use of Provigil or Nuvigil to help alleviate the sleepfulness or fatigue associated with many meds for depression. I know that Medicare and the FDA consider such uses as off label. Would appreciate any information you have.

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