Best time to take Celexa?
wsduke posted:
I am a 48 yr old male. I take 20mg of Celexa per day. Can you tell me they time of day and the best way (i.e., split tablet) to take it?

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annie5times responded:
Hello,wsduke, I have been on Celexa for two months now. I started with 1/2 a tablet for a week, then took 1 tablet for 2 weeks, and I take 2 tablets each day. They are 20 mg each. I didn't feel any better for about a month,
but as a started taking 2 tabs I could feel an improvement in my mood and feeling of well being, I have had no side effects. I take my two pills in the morning after I have eaten something, I tried wellbutrin and it did nothing. I will stay on two a day and plan to feel better and better. Hope it works for you. Annie5times
JustName responded:
I take 30mg/day of celexa. 20 was not quite enough. My doc recommended taking the Celexa at night and taking Welbutrin in the morning. This has worked well for me.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, W --

ask your dr about this.

-- susie margaret
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ginazucco responded:
ive been on celexa for months now and ive found the best time to take it exspecially if you have a hard time sleeping is at night