Is this safe for my husband to take?
An_255386 posted:
My 68 year old husband takes Viibryd for depression and has struggled with drug abuse. He had to go to the doctor today for a upper respatory infection and the doctor gave him a perscription for Promethazine DM syrup. Does this med have codine in it,and is it safe for him to take with the Viibryd?
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crolen responded:
While I can't answer the question, I would say make sure the doctor knows his history and also all medications he is on to make sure he is ok to take this. You could also give your pharmacist a call to ask about the combination of drugs.
rohvannyn replied to crolen's response:
Promethazine is an antihistamine. DM usually means Dextromethorphan which is a common cough suppressant. Neither contains codeine or is an opioid of any kind. Here's more info: oral.aspx?drugid=8895&drugname=promethazine oral&source=2

As far as drug interactions, I don't have the resources to speak to that but any good pharmacist can.