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DIagnosing Depression
Thomas L Schwartz, MD posted:
There are many places around webMD for tools and checklists to help diagnose depression. We often use a simple mnemonic in practice:
There are 9 typical symptoms
S leep disruption or oversleeping
M ood lowering
I nterest loss or loss of enjoyment
G uilty or worthless feelings
E energy loss/fatigue
C oncentration loss
A ppetite changes
P sychomotor change (being either agitated or slowed down)
S uicidal thinking

If you have 5 or more of these consistently, the depression may be occuring.
There are several types of depression and depression often travels with other psychiatric problems (anxiety, alcoholism, etc.) so the above is the tip of the diagnostic iceberg. if you or someone you know has these symptoms, they may want to bring it up with there family doc!
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downhigh responded:
What about when NOTHING helps and the doctors leave you alone to deal with everything by yourself? Then what? Go see another bunch of doctors who can lie to me again? I want to know. Why is it that I'm left out here to die?
Isaiah3018 replied to downhigh's response:
You are not left to deal with everything alone. If you have sought professional counseling and it has not helped, have you considered spiritual counseling from a qualified counselor. This process will help you explore alternatives to trying to make life work on your own. It surely helped me.
sweetypie295 replied to downhigh's response:
People do care about you. I dont know your situation but I know the people around me do care about me even if I am feeling the lowest of low. You need to keep trying make sure your open & honest to your Drs so they can get you the help that will make you feel better.

I am so sorry you are feeling this way.
sadglastoaster replied to downhigh's response:
I no how you feel. I've all ready tried talking to my youth leader at my church and what not, but my families insurance doesn't cover going to a counselar and we don't have the money for that, so I'm kind of stuck here with these mood swings leaving me almost killing myself. life sure can be miserable.
LinaH86 replied to sadglastoaster's response:
Im sure money is very importat to achive a well treatment, there are several funding sources that you can applied, look for the onces offered in you area and make sure you take care
sadgirl2013 responded:
it is SO TRUE, how some Doctors throw you away and don't care enough about what your feeling!

I have a brain injury and everyone not only Doctors, But lawyers to, I went threw Hell with them all, they treated me like a school kid, even cheated me out of things I should have got,

why does the LAW not give us the same fairness as others, just cause we have a brain injury? they are able to lie, cheat, etc, thinking there dealing with someone who won't see it or don't know whats going on, heck I wasn'nt even allowed to testify for my own mother cause they knew it would hurt there case, There EXCUSE was I'am to emotional... so what it was a sad story!! But I lost everything cause I was not giving the same rights as ( normal people) I can't live with this, and can never get well with all the hurts these people in high places caused me I could go on and on, But I know nothing will be done about it, so least I have a right to complain!! thanks for listening.....Cat
sadgirl2013 replied to downhigh's response:
I Agree!!! They will lie and even yell at you if you miss a dang appointment, thinking you do it on purpose when in fact, they don't understand depression, brain injury can cause you trouble even getting out of bed!! But they worry more about there payment then there patent, they even charged me for missing an appointment, then refused to give me my medicine script!!
and caused me a deeper depression from yelling at me I left in tears, now have to find another doctor, But I'am scared now, and can't ( trust ) Doctors, but hang in there,we might find an angel in that field who really cares about there job and the People and less about there money they make.....Praying for you...Cat

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