WRAP : Wellness Recoery Action Plan
An_202968 posted:
If you are in a crisis, or feeling like you have tried evrything, WRAP can help. During crisis it can offer a clear path on how and what actions to take next, both for you and those around you. If you feel you have tried evrything, take it slowly and then clearly write down everything that has and has not worked in the past (meds: have you tried tricyclics, SSRI's, SNRI's, MAOI's - they are best suited for those with atypical depression, and there is a patch now - , and if you're bipolar: valporate vs. lithium vs. depakote or have you only tried atypicals, and then there are therapies like cognitive vs.rational-emotive vs. behavioral, or EMDR vs. feldenkrais for PTSD) try to do this using the WRAP format. This offers guidance to you and your partners in care (therapists, social workers, doctors, insurance companies, and so on.) I don't follow the exact class format, although the classes can be informative and I like them. You can likely get by just by reading books, if you want, or by browsing online. (Search: Copeland, healthyplace, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, also in CA Community Living Center or CLC through the dept. of health and human services.)
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