goodbyesleepapnea posted:
A frequently overlooked cause of depression is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Have your PCP order a home sleep test to make the diagnosis and if positive for OSA, treat with a positive airway pressure (PAP) machine. It can put an end to your depression, as well as benefit you in many other ways, like reduce your risk for diabetes, heart attack, stroke... and the list goes on. Treating sleep apnea is a good thing.
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warriorgal responded:
Depression, like other illnesses, can be a complicated thing to sort out. And my situation was no exception.

My own depression was comprised of part hereditary, part situational, part nutritional, partly the result of harmful counseling, and to my surprise, partly due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). And there's still more!

As to the Sleep Apnea, I thought it just afflicted "some people". But an acute bout of sleep deprivation late last year led me to consider the possibility of a sleep disorder, and with mild prodding from my therapist, I arranged for a sleep study.

Due to a combination of divine intervention, personal initiative and a good health care plan, I was diagnosed with OSA and am now being successfully treated for it. What's more, though I thought I would benefit from it in one fell swoop, I continue to reap benefits from it today. Assuming the OSA was truly a significant factor, my depression continues to get better all the time.