An_202971 posted:
I have a student who is depressed. He has abandonment issues and the death of his mother last summer sent him into a tail spin. He has run away from school, but more commonly, he acts outs, hurts others, and does not handle disappointment well. He will cry and scream.

I would love to have some suggestions as to how to approach this 7 year old so that he finds school a safe place, and can perhaps forget some of the trauma that has happened in his life.

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susiemargaret responded:
hello, A134 --

i think it is unrealistic that you can expect this child to forget the traumas that he has endured, but i think your goal of having him feel that school is a safe place is a very reasonable one. you are obviously a very kind and loving teacher.

how does the school handle other children who act out? i'm assuming that you have talked with the school guidance counselor?

is his father in the picture? is there a chance that the father would allow the child to see a child psychiatrist?

-- susie margaret
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