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I too have been in this situation. After a recent weekend that involved the Co. my husband works for, there were 3 separate incidents in 3 days that rattled my cage so badly I thought this is it! I am so out of here! Then I thought No, the time and effort I have put into this marriage (27 years) & raising of children, now 25- still thinks I'm stupid, but at least doesn't live here & 22 lives here but doesn't lift a finger unless it's her choice, I will not throw in the towel! I do not like confrontation, but I knew I was right. I waited until it was just my husband & I, & told him no verbal response was necessary or desired. Then I told him that if he ever publicly embarrassed me again, I would be gone right at that minute, as it was rude & uncalled for. Not forever, just walk out of situation so that the shoe of embarrassment would be on his foot. The other was that I am not a blood relative, I have his name by marriage, and I have an illness that hits at times that sometimes can't be helped. There is no reason to be embarrassed by a cane, it is not a sign of weakness, but if he thought it was, we could travel separately in public. The 3rd is more personal, but he got the message. I have seen a major change in the past 2 weeks. Don't do anything in the heat of the moment. Step back, think, plan carefully, be calm, & ask for No response or discussion. Let it stew. You may be surprised. I tried counseling & read everything I can so I can stay in my marriage.
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hello, A218 --

wow! good for you!

-- susie margaret
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