Neurocalm- the natural, no side effects miracle!
Anon_167039 posted:
I have been suffering from major depression and general anxiety disorder for many years. They changed me into a person i couldn't recognize, and force my life to stand still. The issue is, that i am verhermently anti-drugs, i just can't take the side-effects, and i believe that they are not the only answer . So i have searched and searched and searched and have found a herbal remedy called "Neurocalm" by Metagenics which i have been taking for a few weeks and i actually can't believe how happy i am, how well i am sleeping and how back to normal i feel. I am taking 3 or 4 a day; 2 of those before bed and i can't remeber the last time things were this good. So i urge all of you who are struggling to find an answer, to at least give this product a go. I just felt i really needed to spread the word about this because it is amazing!
Love to all x
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allrightallready responded:
Thank you fro sharing that. I am not a fan of drugs either and i want holistic help. So i will try neurocalm. cant hurt