need some help here
An_240865 posted:

Does anyone knows anything about "chronic cortisol efficiency" , one of my cousin has it. I would like to know more about this. Feel free to drop some wisdom.
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An_240865 responded:
how can i delete this thread , its already been posted. thanks.
susiemargaret replied to An_240865's response:
hello, A206 --

you have some responses to one of your duplicate posts, at .

-- susie margaret

PS -- even tho you have multiple posts asking essentially the same Q, you do not need to delete them, just refer all of them to a central one with the best answers.

if you do want to delete the duplicate threads, however, hover over the invisible line just below the signature, and you will see a line come into view that says "replies/watch this discussion/report this." click on "report this," which will take you to a blank message box where you can ask for the duplicates to be deleted. this will be most helpful if you can list the URL (computer address) for each place the inquiry is duplicated. for instance, the URL for this thread is ; it can be found in the address ribbon at the very top of the page.
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