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Funny Dr Names
arealgijoe posted:
Funny Dr Names

Responding to another post got me to thinking about funny doctor names.

In town the best known eye MD was none other than Dr Lens.

Dr House was my primary and managed my diabetes long long ago.

I even saw once a Dr Israel, he was Jewish, nice doc.

And yes even a DR Sugar??How?s that for IRONY?

Oh here is one not medical, a head of school district transportation, Mr Bus!

Now now on and let the funny and or ironic names flow.

(*&*( GOMER
foundlight responded:
This one was a my minister growing up - Dr Pepper
Hootyowl2 responded:
when i was growing up, my dad spent a lot of time in the hospital to fix things from a horrible car wreck he was in back about 1944... One of the doctors actual name was Dr. SEDATION... I believe he was in anesthesia...? I used to hear him paged over the hospital intercom frequently... there were some others too, but have a hard time remembering them...

Another one was a Dr CRAMP...

shirl responded:
I once had a dentist named Dr. Payne, he had the perfect name for what his dental work caused.

rubystar2 responded:
There is a podiatrist who works out of the hospital where I work and her real, actual name is Dr. Suess. No joke.
xring responded:
Not a doctor, but there was a barber near me when I was a kid. His name was Daniel Druff.

People just called him "Dan."
nightowl41 responded:
Our cardio man is named Israel as well, and is Jewish, and what a fantastic Dr. The only funny one I can think of is hubby's old Dr. that gave him his Sigmoidoscopy...His name was Dr. Wormser and I remember hubby telling him.."Well you got the right name for your work"! I guess he associated that "wormy" tool he used with his name.
depressed_one responded:
I have an internal medicine guy named Dr. Weller. ( he says I have uncontrolled diabetes with A1cs at 5.5 to 6.0 for almost 3 years)

I also visited a urologist named Peter Link.

What funny to me is they are two of the three doctors I don't like. I do like my primary and my cardiologist. They don't have funny names though.
UndertheOaks responded:
My father's friend - a US Army General, General Slaughter.
xring responded:
Also, not a doctor, but on an episode of "The Three Stooges" they walked into a law firm. The name on the window:

"Dewey, Cheatum & Howe."
MockBe responded:
My friend has a chronic pain doctor with the name of Weiner...
rubystar2 responded:
I love that episode of the Three Stooges.

How creative was that to think of that name for the law office?
xring responded:
Remember that Superior Court Judge who was born without thumbs?

People called him "Justice Fingers."
amanda2581 responded:
The doctor who removed 150-200 lipoma,s from 29 years ago was only 5ft tall ,His name was DR. Short, loved him.slipper
xring responded:

I just thought about how old that episode was. I didn't realize lawyers had that reputation back in the 50's.

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