Dry Mouth at Night......
Shimoko posted:
Ok, so I?ve been having really severe mouth dryness at night. But I still get up in the night to pee several times. This is normal for me (I?ve always done this), but the dry mouth is NOT normal. I just had a baby and am breastfeeding at night, so I?m thinking that must be the reason?but I?m also worried that it could be endocrine-related because I have PCOS. I had mild gestational diabetes during pregnancy (controlled with diet and exercise alone), but the glucose tolerance test I took after the pregnancy ended showed that I did not have diabetes. I was wondering if these signs might be an indication that I could have developed it later on, though (my daughter is now 4 months old). Can eating sugar cause diabetes? I know I?ve been eating a bit more sugar than before because I couldn?t have ANY during my pregnancy, but it?s not like I?ve been pigging out. Any advice would be much appreciated!
MrsCora01 responded:
While I'm not an expert (and you should talk to your doc about this) if your glucose is normal, the dry mouth is most likely caused by the breast feeding. My friend recently had fears about diabetes, but it turned out she was just dehydrated due to all the milk production. It can happen very easily. Best of luck to you and the new bundle of joy. Congratulations. Cora