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split pea soup yummy!!
amanda2581 posted:
I made a batch of this last night in my crock pot let it cook all night just put salt and pepper and garlic and some onion powder, no meat,And it turned out so good .I am haveing that and chef salad,s for dinner,with lean turkey ham boiled egg whites and some skim swiss cheese,lot,s of dark green,s and I think I will use my Ken,s rasberry walnut low cal dressing,I forgot to get my info off my split pea bag but I recall they are not high after net carbs,I made enough to freeze me up about 10 one cup container,s for quick lunche,s,Tomorrow I am makeing up some chicken cabbage veggie soup,for the freezer,It is cheaper to do this on my food bill than to buy it canned,The split peas cost 1.50 for two bags and I will get about 12 one cup serveings,not bad huh!! :grin: everyone happy sunday.slipper
nightowl41 responded:
Oh that sounds soooooo yummy. I can't remember the last time I had pea soup, but I do like it. Enjoy, and have a cup for me. JJ :smile:
davedsel57 responded:
I absolutely LOVE split pea soup. I can remember my mother making it in her big pressure cooker. One time something happened and the pressure cooker blew off its lid and pea soup went everywhere. Now, I occasionally use our crock pot to make split pea soup. I usually do use turkey ham, with the same seasonings as you - garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper. Mmmmm mmmmm good, and very nutritious.
gabby1771 responded:
Oh Sliipper, My Mom use to make a great Split Pea Soup, boy I really miss her, she was a great Mom...... Hey if we lived closer I would come over and have a bowl of soup with you in front of the fan, yummy. :smile:
rubystar2 responded:
I make split pea soup in the winter. I cut up celery, carrots and onions in it, along with some minced garlic and pepper. I also put in some vegetable bullion cubes. Yum, yum, yum. Enjoy, Slipper. As I've said many times before, I wish I were your neighbor.
flutetooter responded:
I love split pea soup also. Every day I try to have 1/2 cup of some kind of bean, pea, or lentil for staying power and fiber. Today I had lentil soup. I cooked the lentils in some chicken broth and then added equal measure canned diced tomatoes to double the volume and reduce the carbs considerably. The lentils have about 10 carbs for 1/2 cup, but the tomatoes have only 5, so you get a cup of soup for 15 carbs. Great! It just occurred to me to "stretch", or lessen the carbs per cup in my next batch of split pea soup by adding grated zucchini or finely diced cabbage. It would add texture and hardly be noticeable.
amanda2581 responded:
Lentil,s are another one of me and my daughter,s favorite as you should be able to see on the recipe thread,Thanks everyone the soup and salad was sooo!! good and I had a small piece of corn bread with it(sugar free)..slipper :smile:

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