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who is Julian Whitaker,MD??
MockBe posted:
Hi all.

I just got this pamphlet in the mail. On the front in big red letters, it says, "THE DEVASTATING DIABETES MISTAKE, THAT EVEN GOOD DOCTORS MAKE". I don't see a website, but I think I will look for one. This entire pamphlet totally says that our diabetic medications will kill us way sooner than our diabetes would. Has anyone ever seen this doctor, or taken his advice to stop all your diabetic meds, and follow his method that he says works to drop your blood sugar 350 points in 21 DRUG FREE DAYS???

I am one of the suckers born every minute who after reading this pamphlet almost took him up on this...but it just sounds too good to be true.

I will check to find if he has a website, and let you all know it, so you can read this stuff...kinda reminds me of a snake oil salesman.

DianeR01 responded:
Hi Rich,

My first inclination is to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. But you have to remember if your BG is way too high, even modest changes in eating habits will make a big difference in your numbers.

Take a look at his program, there may be something useful to learn there. I would probably draw the line at sending money or providing a credit card number though.

If you are questioning the legitimacy of him, enter his name in your search engine or check BBB.

xring responded:
Julian Whitaker, M.D. operates a "Wellness Center" & like many physicians, doesn't like the way medicine is often practiced, ie: "Here, take these pills & go away, I'm busy."

Like Dr. Dansinger and myself, he also believes that prescription drugs have been overemphasized & overprescribed for the vast majority of type 2 diabetics when diet/lifestyle changes have been proven to be more effective without the risks of drugs.

I am currently reading one of his publications "Reversing Diabetes," "Reduce or eliminate your dependence on insulin or oral drugs." He has also written about reversing hypertension and heart disease.
MockBe responded:

Don't you think this guy is pushing it too far? I mean allot of folks really can't just stop taking their oral meds, or insulin. He insists 100% of diabetics can have reversal. I really would love to try what he is doing. But it just doesn't sound like something I can do, as my BS will go up. I seem to rely on medication, diet, exersice right now.

MockBe responded:
Hi Di.

Yes I think it is too good to be true. A friend of mine use to tell me, "take what you want, and leave the rest." I think this applies. I also will check the BBB. Good suggestion.

mhall6252 responded:
I just went to his website and it seems to me that he is pushing "alternative medicines" which includes some fairly pricey supplements. Not exactly what I would call "drug free" unless you feel that herbal supplements don't qualify as drugs.
DavidHueben responded:
Rich and Michelle:

Dr. Whitaker's website is a great place to visit if you need an $80.00 (plus shipping) water carafe or six cans of tuna for $42.00.

Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
That sounds like every health fraud red flag in one envelope. Never stop all your meds without seeing your doctor. Work WITH your doctor. If you want to go with a non drug approach, then do that while openly communicating that with your doctor.

This article covers Spotting Health Scams.

Here is a great article on Spotting Health Fraud from the FDA.
xring responded:
The program I'm following (from Joel Fuhrman, M.D.) does not involve supplements, vitamins, etc. Just a high-nutrient eating & lifestyle plan.

Dr. Whitaker may also be pushing supplements or other items for profit, but I'm not interested as long as I'm having success with only diet & exercise.

As for diabetes reversal, how much different are Dr. Whitaker's claims that Dr. Dansinger's? If you recall, Dr. Dansinger said "The use of prescription medication has been overemphasized & overprescribed for type 2 diabetes. The vast majority of diabetics can have normal blood sugar with diet & lifestyle programs & no medication."

I am obviously in that "vast majority." My blood sugar at diagnosis was 491, so if it's normal now, do the math. 30-day average BS now - 126. A1c on 4-8-09: 6.0%. I don't take supplements or vitamins & I'm not interested in a fancy water carafe. LOL
xring responded:
Rich, one other point,

I've noticed that lots of people - dentists, doctors, you name it, are pushing lots of things in this economy.

Even my 88 year-old mother is constantly bombarded with notices from her doctor to come in for a physical & lab tests when she just had them a few months ago. They are desperate to bill someone for something.

My veterinarian keeps reminding me to bring in my lab for a physical, blood tests, etc.

Everyone is hurting these days so it doesn't surprise me that people are trying to make a buck wherever they can.
flutetooter responded:
Julian Whitaker has been around for a long time, and has published a newsletter on health for years. He also leads health retreats on cruise ships, etc.

I looked into his diabetic programs to see his take on it. Many things he recommends are the things we already know --diet, exercise.

His big push, however, is that a deficiency in a simple mineral ,which I think is something OTHER THAN chromium, is at the root of ALL diabetes and he is willing to sell you GOBS of that mineral.

Maybe someone else wants to Google him and see what that mineral is, but I for one am not going to bother. I did look him up once, and the material I read said that sometimes a deficiency of certain minerals can cause high blood sugar, but TOO MUCH can be dangerous.
arealgijoe responded:
2 Quote........

He insists 100% of diabetics can have reversal.

Now I KNOW he is a QUACK quack...........

If ya ain't got NO natural insulin....hello DKA, COMA and like my mother, planted.

(*&*( GOMER
xring responded:
Gomer, no doctor would say a type 1 diabetic can have reversal. Doctors who talk about reversal (including Dr. Dansinger) are talking about type 2's which are over 90% of diabetics.
UndertheOaks responded:
i've got he same book that xring is now reading - reversing diabetes. i haven't even started it yet, but it was among one the highest rated books on the subject of reversing diabetes that was on amazon. i purchased a handful of books that were highly rated; the used copies don't cost that much so you can do that.

anyway, my point is that you might want to check out what the reviews on amazon are likeand see what readers/followers of his plan are saying.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Our article on supplements and diabetes has information on adding chromium, magnesium and vanadium. Maybe one of those is the one suggested by Whitaker?

Here is that article on Supplements and Diabetes.

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