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Suddenly Blood Sugar at 333
yiannid posted:
Im at a loss. My blood sugar was at 150 and I went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and had a bowl of beef soup and ate very little of the rice noodles. I also had one veggie roll. Water to drink. Two hours later my sugar is at 333! While my sugar levels havnt been great my latest aic came back at 7.1. But in the past 2-3 weeks my blood sugar levels have inexplicably risen....even with a dramatic reduction of carbs as I cut out 90% of my potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta. I also increased my gym time to 40 minutes 5 days per week over the past few weeks of which 20-25 is cardio. I am on Lantis, Metphormin, Actos, and Glypizide and undertook these eating and exercise with the idea of reducing my meds. Now this. I'm wondering if there are other ailments which could cause this sudden upsurge in my blood glucose. I started having rather moderate to severe stomach pain and talked to my doctor who scheduled me for the colonoscopy and upper GI tract camera thingy. But he offered little as to any correlation between the pain and the blood sugar levels. Note: I worked out for 24 min on the elliptical earlier in the day so I'm very confused (and nervous).
phototaker responded:
Is there a possibility it could be flu symptoms? Do you have a fever? My bs numbers went up last week when I had my fever, and they have been running higher. Today was the first day I was getting fairly normal numbers during the day. I was thinking that maybe you weren't having enough fiber?? Possibly add some oatmeal or whole grain bread and see if that helps a little. You might also have something else going on. Wait to see how your tests come out. One of the gals in my swim class found out she had a gluton problem. She has fibromyalgia and staying off this has helped her be out of pain. It's so funny how little things can affect our bodies. Good luck in your search to be better. If you continue to get really bad pain, call your doctor again.
yiannid responded:
Thanks for the fast response. I don't have a fever nor any other flu like symptoms. knowing that I increased my arobic activity and cut my carbs in a major way has me thiniing of all sorts of (bad) possibilities. But I will get those stomach tests right away and see if there is a correlation. Another side note....since my diagnosis 3 years ago, I've never seen my bs above its a regular fact nearly every day.....exercise does lower it rather quickly by about 100. Its just wierd that a piece of cheese and 2 ham slices can also cause the bs to spike so dramatically!
phototaker responded:
That's why I was thinking you might need some carbs...maybe the fat in the ham and cheese is causing your sugar problems. I remember someone talking about how fat processes slowly. Cheese and ham have a lot of fat. Why don't you try different foods like salmon, veggies, and salad? See what happens. Possibly you can add one small slice of whole grain bread or lentils. Maybe, just maybe you need fiber to slow help process things better. I don't know the exact words, but I know when I eat cheese and meat, my bs numbers aren't as good. Also, I'm finding that nuts help me a little, too. Anyhow, it's worth a try.
nixie99 responded:

You may have been served what I call "shortcut beef soup"...Some Asian restaurants don't like to undergo the proccess of making proper beef consomme for their soups or spend the extra for a canned product. and will utilize plain canned beef broth and mix it with pure potatoe or corn starch to give it the gel effect that gives the soup the proper seal on the top when served...This can really send us a spike if we are sensitive to starches and of course veggie rolls are encased with another starch coating if this is what you are referring to, then add in the rice noodles, another spiker for me....... I adore Asian food, but have learned to be very cautious about some of these offerings....It can prove to be a buyer beware surprise....

MockBe responded:
Hi yiannid...

I was taking metformin for three years and had allot of stomoch pains, threw up, and my GERD was awful....I was changed to glipizide and januvia, and all that went away..

I was about to have a colonoscopy to find out what was going on, but it was amazing how fast I got better with the med change.

I still have GERD, and take aciphex twice a day. It wouldn't hurt to talk to your endo doc about going off of metformin to see if that is the culprit. I am not saying to stop, but just suggesting you talk to the doctor.

yiannid responded:
Thanks for all the advice everyone! It's really appreciated. Btw, I woke up and tested myself 4 hours after my 333 reading and its now 223 for whatever thats worth.
DavidHueben responded:
Since you are on four diabetic medications (Lantus, metformin, Actos, and glypizide) and are still unable to achieve good glycemic control, you need to record your testing results and have a frank one on one with your doctor.

flutetooter responded:
I'm a bit confused. When you say your blood sugar is at 150 ant then you went to dinner, was it at 150 before the start of the meal? Then it could only go up because it is already over the 140 mark which it should be under 2 hours after the last meal.

Is it possible, NOT to eat the next meal until it came down from the previous meal? Or to eat less carbs and total calories at every meal? 1/4 cup of rice noodles are equal to a small piece of fruit like a plum or half an orange or apple in its ability to raise blood sugar.

How many grams of carbs are you eating per day, and what size are your portions of foods?

An A1c of 7.1 would be equal to an average blood sugar, 24 hours every day and night, fasting, after meals, and between meals of 175!

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