Lose of Toe Nails
tryinghardtowin posted:
The second toe on my right foot is a hammer toe, I have sever neurapathy as well, this morning when I got up I noticed blood all over my toes and when I was cleaning it up I realized that the entire nail was loose and then came off entirely,I check my feet daily as I have Charcot Foot in the left foot, there was no sign of injury or fungus yesterday. Any idea why a healthy nail just fell off? Thanks
DianeR01 responded:
If you had blood on your foot, it sounds as if you might have caught the nail on your other foot or maybe even the sheets and ripped it. You probably want to bring this to your doctors attention.

I have neuropothy in my feet from a back injury and had a big toe stepped on. It didn't blacken the nail but in time the nail did losen and eventually fall off. It was indeeed bruised undernneath but hadn't filled with blood. And of course it didn't hurt.

I wish you happy feet.
MrsCora01 responded:
Do you see a podiatrist? I would definitely talk to the doc about this. It is potentially dangerous if it is due to infection or loss of circulation.

rubystar2 replied to MrsCora01's response:
Since that toe is a hammer toe maybe the pressure on the nail when you where shoes caused the nail to loosen and fall off. I agree with the recommendation to go see a podiatrist.
tryinghardtowin responded:
thanks for all your advice I will speak with my Dr, the first of the week.