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damondj posted:
Got back my 3 month test and was told my cholesterol was too low at 113... is that possible? I'm on Zocor 80mg which I thought was too high but my HDL is 32 and not good, LDL was 47... hard to get a balance. My A1c was at 9.6 which is high but I thought it would be worse as I went off my diet... fasting was 118. since I went back on tuna diet a week before the test. Question is... a cholesterol count of 113 can't be all that bad, can it? Should I start eating liverwurst to get it back up?
DavidHueben responded:

The following is just my opinion:

1. Your total cholesterol is just fine. Your LDL is great. Your HDL needs to be increased.

2. Your A1C is way too high. An A1C of 9.6% means your average blood glucose is 264.

3. Going on a "tuna diet" one week prior to lab tests isn't going to change much.

4. Earlier today, you said you ate half a cake (I don't care what kind). I am not sure what your diabetic nutrition plan is.

5. Liverwurst??? I think you need to see a dietitian who specializes in diabetes to get yourself on a proper plan.

cookiedog responded:
I can't comment on the cholesterol because I don't know.

The bigger concern is your A1c. Perhaps you should consider buying a couple of books about eating healthy with diabetes or checking a couple out of the library.

Tuna alone should not give you a A1c that high. Plus tuna can be high in mercury. My diet plan from my doctor recommends fish two times a week but only one of them should be tuna.

I think the fat in liver wurst would be terrible for anyone.
damondj replied to cookiedog's response:
I started the tuna diet just one week prior to my blood test which is why my fasting sugar was 118... I am eating a lot of sugar free foods but that might be a problem. Doctor seemed concerned that the cholesterol was 113 and told me over the phone it was too low but I see him in person next week. I'm thinking of breaking my 80mg Zocors in half as I think thats too many milligrams. Not sure....
phototaker responded:
Your cholesterol number and LDL is fine. Your HDL needs to be raised as David said. Your A1C is WAY TOO HIGH!

Diabetes is not a "diet". It's a way of life for us. It's so true about tuna. I only allow myself one small can a week, that's two sandwiches a week, IF I choose to open one. The mercury is really bad in tuna. They are big fish and eat little fish, collecting more mercury. You could do salmon, not as much mercury, or other fish. Get the wild salmon. Costco has little packets of frozen ones.

You have to be eating lots of vegetables, some fruits,(the right kinds, not bananas, pineapple, watermelon)until you bring down your numbers. Have almonds, walnuts, and an apple for dessert, instead of sweets. Buy some whole grain bread, and only eat one slice at breakfast or lunch instead of two. You can make a neat omelet(mushrooms, or other veggies), for breakfast, with light shredded cheese, Eggbeaters, or a whole egg, and a piece of whole grain toast. That will fill you up until lunch. Lunch could be a huge salad with some white breast turkey or chicken or 1/2 a sandwich and soup. Make some vegetables with that. At dinner, you could have some protein, chicken, fish, or other meat, beans, etc. with a salad and vegetables, or a "tiny" red potato. Stay away from the white things, white potatoes, rice, pasta. You can buy Dreamsfield pasta, but only have a little bit of the wheat kind.

This is going to be a whole new way of life. Forget the cake, candy, and cookies for now until you get down your numbers.
If you don't get your numbers down, you'll have problems with vision, your legs having neuropathy(very painful), and heart problems. It's very important to take this seriously. Then, for your birthday, or very special occasions, you can take tastes of things. You just have to be careful of not overloading your carbs at each meal. Keep it under 45 for meals and 10 to 11 carbs for snacks. Try this and see if it works. You don't have to feel deprived. You can still eat enough to satisfy you.
rebitzman responded:
Like David said - cholesterol numbers overall are good (HDL could be higher), but your A1c could use some attention.

And while I am not a doctor - nor a nutritionist, I am pretty confident in saying that:

A) Liverwurst won't solve anything
B) Consider consulting both of the above.

Best of luck.,
krhudson responded:
David is right damond. You are off the track for eating right and your A1c is ugly at best. Read carefully Photo takers response, it could not have been stated better and she gave you plenty of information to start with. Try not to eat processed foods if you can. They are high in salt. Just eat 3 to 4 OZ of protien at your meals and get the veggies in the diet rather than to many carbs. Do not over eat the fruit and test often to be sure your metabolism is doing fine with the fruit you choose. Strawberrys are very good. Half of banana only, 3 bites of cantalope if you must or 3 bites of honey dew but be careful with those 2. An apple should be fine, get the slices to limit yourself and if you have been good 1 dip into the carmel and that is it :-). Watch out for milk, not big quantiies and stay limited on the yogart. Once you get the hang of fresh foods, salads, veggies etc... you will feel a lot better. Do not forget 30 minutes of exersise minimum per day and test often to see how the food metabolizes and 2 hours after the meal do not go above 180 and by then if you are doing all the right things your Blood Sugar should be heading back downward by then and leveling at 110 for the next meal. A dietitian can help you with meal plans. Take this on as a goal you can accomplish inside of 90 days and get that A1C down and you will be amazed at how good you will feel, and in control of the situation. Your Dr. should adjust the Zocor I hope. If he is not, their may be a reason. Ask him. Keep us posted.

larsstarscanary responded:
It sounds like you don't have a glucose meter--You need one to monitor the day-to-day glucose readings. It's "hard to get a balance" because it doesn't sound like you are eating a balanced diet.

I get the impression that you don't cook for yourself. All you need are a simple cookbook (e.g., one for children or college students) and a few pots and pans--I'm partial to all stainless steel cookware, inside and out--not the other stuff.

Ask your doctor to give you a referral to a Registered Dietitian. Meanwhile, you might want to check out information on Web MD, and also --The American Diabetes Association-- 1-800-DIABETES.

I've had diabetes for 10 years now. I haven't had to take medication for it because I am able to keep my Hemoglobin A1c between 5.9 and 6.3, but usually around 6.0 to 6.1. Most of the time I eat properly and I enjoy cooking for myself. I love the chef shows--They give me plenty of ideas--The Food Network.

Serving Size, Diabetic Portion Control and Carbohydrate Counting are your best friends. (Portion size for a diabetic is different from many of the nutrition facts on the labels you might read.)

Best of Health to You!


PS: Talk to your doctor about any changes you might want to make regarding your medication as s/he prescribed.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Liverwurst isn't the way to go.

In fact the way to improve your HDL or good cholesterol will be to make sure you are eating whole grains, vegetables, using healthy oils for cooking, increasing soy, exercising and losing weight. Here are the top 10 ways to boost HDL cholesterol levels .
rubystar2 responded:
I wonder why you are on Zocor with your cholesterol level is 113.
soapster1949 replied to rubystar2's response:
His cholesterol is probably 113 because he's on Zocor. By no means is 113 too low.
rubystar2 replied to soapster1949's response:
I don't think 113 is too low but I would question at what level of cholesterol is a statin necessary? Personally, I would ask to be taken off at this point.
DavidHueben replied to rubystar2's response:
Sometimes better lab results are achieved because people do take medications.

I think the prudent thing to do is to modify dosages, as needed.

xring replied to rubystar2's response:
His doctor may buy into the notion that every diabetic should be on cholesterol & blood pressure drugs to "protect" them even when their lab results are in normal ranges. I find that idea ludicrous & so does my doctor.
soapster1949 replied to xring's response:
I think he should be more concerned about the high A1C than low cholesterol.

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