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Protein Drinks!
betaquartz posted:
I know that a lot of you here are using protein drinks to up your protein levels, and cut carbs. It is interesting that there is an article in the latest Consumer Reports magazine outlining the ins and outs of protein supplements/drinks.First they say that most people don't need to add the extra protein, then they go on to say that some of the protein drinks pose health risks. All of the drinks tested had at least one sample with the "following contaminants: arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury". The one that Dr. recommends is the Designer Whey-it looks pretty good. EAS rich dark chocolate shake had 16.9 ug/3 servings!

I was thinking of adding some of these to my regimen, but after reading the article-I think not!

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Do you use protein supplements in your smoothies/drinks?
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flutetooter responded:
I use Designer Whey natural unflavored protein powder often in my breakfast oatmeal so that I do not need to eat any meat, eggs, or other protein with that meal. I also use a half scoop with a frozen berry shake to lessen the carb high.
betaquartz replied to flutetooter's response:
I highly recommend the article to those interested. Every ne of the products tested had some arsenic. Lowest was Solgar Natural Vanilla Bean. at.6ug/3 servings. Solgar also did not measure significantly for Cadmium, Lead or Mercury.
rubystar2 replied to betaquartz's response:
I don't use any protein powder and I occasionally make a fruit icee sort of drink. What I DO add to my meals is a tablespoon or so of milled flax seed. I think I get more than enough protein and I work on adding healthy, natural fiber.
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rebitzman responded:
This one never occurred to me - but I do eat a lot of beans, tofu and some meat and fish, so didn't think it was an issue.

Your article makes it less of one (but will read Dr. D's posting on the subject).
shank_us responded:
betaquartz, I do not use protein drinks (yet).. I have it on my list to try but have not had time to do so. I eat vegetarian burgers that are high in protein. For breakfast i use veggi Sausage and it has 2 g carb and 10 g protein.. For lunch or dinner i use Garden burger and it has 10 g carb (net carb 6 g w/4 g fiber) and 18g protein. Rest i get from eggs, beans, nuts and soy milk.
rebitzman replied to rubystar2's response:
What I DO add to my meals is a tablespoon or so of milled flax seed.

Note that xring does the same thing - seems like it provides an enormous amount of fiber. may have to try this.
rubystar2 replied to rebitzman's response:
Flax seed meal not only provides a good amount of healthy, natural fiber but a lot of other nutrients. Here's a link.

Flax Seed Meal

But what I find even more beneficial is Chia Seeds. They have an interesting quality that if you soak them in water, they absorb the water and turn into a gel. They are very versatile in cooking and I eat them EVERY DAY. If i don't cook with them I just pour a couple teaspoons in my mouth a couple times a day and wash them down with water. They expand and help you eat less, they are 100% fiber and they are loaded with Omega-3. I think Chia seeds are one of the healthiest and least known foods. Check out this information.........

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds
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