What Do You Eat to Help Bring Down Your Sugar?
charhar posted:
I have found that cinnamon apple tea works really well in helping to bring down my sugar. Do you know of any helpful foods?
davedsel57 responded:
I've always had luck with cinnamon mixed into cottage cheese and/or some lean meat like deli sliced turkey breast or chicken.
Hope this helps.
Blessings, -Dave
DavidHueben responded:

What is required to bring down your blood glucose levels is not any specific tea or food. It is a long term commitment to proper nutrition, daily exercise, weight loss (as required), and sometimes medications.

Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! -Tommy Smothers
phototaker responded:
Char...I think each person is so different. I try to keep my carb levels under a certain amount for each meal and snack to keep my blood sugar numbers down.

I try to make sure(since I'm not on medicine)that I don't eat anything that might spike me, like fruit without a protein, like nuts.

I have found cinnamon to be helpful, if that's what you're asking. When I buy my lower sugar oatmeal packets, I get the cinnamon and apple ones, or if I make a French toast with cinnamon and Eggbeaters as it's coating on whole grain bread.
Manoj_in_Bangalore responded:
Raw vegetable juice can bring down blood sugar levels quickly. The one I know that really works is the raw juice of brussels sprout. Peel 5 to 6 pieces of brussels sprout, cut them in smaller pieces, run them through a juicer, and drink the raw juice.

You can also try other vegetables likes bottle gourd. (Do not try fruit jucies however, only vegetables).

~ Manoj
amanda2581 replied to DavidHueben's response:
David I think they mean a quick way when you get a spike is my understanding of this ??? Is this correct charhar??
amanda2581 replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
Manoj_ I never knew you can eat a gourd???
Manoj_in_Bangalore replied to amanda2581's response:
amanda2581, I meant you can extract the raw vegetable juice of bottle gourd, by peeling it, cutting it into small pieces, and running it through a juicer.
rebitzman replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
Peel 5 to 6 pieces of brussels sprout, cut them in smaller pieces, run them through a juicer, and drink the raw juice.

Manoj - I actually have no real issue with your claim that raw vegetable juice is good for you. Logic alone would so dictate*, BUT the above statement......?

I just ran 5 fresh Brussels Sprouts through my juicer - didn't produce enough juice to wet my tongue.

*That said - there is a scientific study ate UC Berkley - funded by the Campbell's soup company that is looking for subjects (they'll pay you) to test exactly this! You want their phone number?
tryinghardtowin responded:
The best thing I have
ever found to bring my sugar levels down quickly is just plain water...you need to flush your body...simple,easy,cheap,EFFECTIVE!!
DisHammerhand responded:
I never actually thought of eating anything to bring down sugar. A walk around the block usually fixes me up.
cookiedog replied to DisHammerhand's response:
I try to avoid being high to start with but sometimes I end up high and am stuck with dealing with it.

My doctor said if I am high below 300, drink a glass of water. Walk 15 minutes. Check BS. If still high, drink a glass or water and walk 15 minutes. Check BS

If above 300, call the doctor.
rebitzman replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
bottle gourd

Surprised you would eat this - has NO saturated fat whatsoever.
amanda2581 replied to Manoj_in_Bangalore's response:
That is interesting thank you !! I always picked them as a kid and always wondered why they are not edible,Well you learn something every day.thanks!
rebitzman replied to amanda2581's response:
What is called a bottle gourd in India is actually a squash at the point of harvest.