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    Is corn not good for us diabetics
    amanda2581 posted:
    I love this stuff in small amounts who does not love corn on the cob with butter and salt fresh from the steamer,I hear it is bad for us and it does not digest and it works on numbers.I eat it in the summer limited now ,But I was raised on bushels of this stuff and had it all the VFW picnics my dad took us to.Should it be taken off the menu for a diabetic in anyone opinion? slipper
    MrsCora01 responded:
    I think that this is another classic case of YMMV. I never found too big a spike because of all the fiber (but maybe I just didn't chew it too well?) but some folks do have a big spike. Go figure. Just another reason why diabetes is such an individual disease and so difficult for many.

    T1 1966, Dialysis 2001, kidney transplant and pump 2002, pancreas transplant 2008
    phototaker responded:
    Once in a great while, I'll buy an ear of corn and break it in half, using one half one night, and 1/2 the next day. I get a spike from it. I'm trying to keep my carb levels down for weight loss.
    rebitzman responded:
    In all things - moderation.
    xring responded:
    Corn is a grain & grains do raise blood sugar more than non starchy foods in most of us. I do the same thing with corn as I do with bread - plan exercise during the 2 hours after eating it.
    cookiedog replied to xring's response:
    I will very occasionally eat one half ear of grilled corn. I use I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and no salt.

    I have not had an ear of corn with salt and butter since I was diagnosed with diabetes.

    I do like to take fresh steamed corn kernels and mix them with black beans, etc. occasionally for a high fiber salad.
    rebitzman replied to xring's response:
    There's a beer commercial running where the main "guy" is riding an exercise bike WHILE drinking the beer to work off all the calories while his friends stand around enjoying a lower calorie brew.

    Half an ear of corn on the cob =14 grams of carbs. Well within limits of a meal carb with having to run it off. Heck - if the rest of the meal is sensible - you can have the whole ear.

    That said - exercise is a good thing.
    krhudson responded:
    Slipper, Corn on the cob is one of my favorites but I cut back on it years ago since I tend to butter it up good and I used to salt it real good. I know what you mean. I grew up in MN and the MN sweet corn is also great and gets the best in Aug/Sept. I really never have corn. Now tonight, I went out and had a bar be que chicken salad and they really added corn in it with tomatoes and onion etc.. When it is occationally in a salad I will go with it, we just happened to have gone to a restuarant we had never been to and I was not going to attempt to remove the corn :-).

    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    In view of your digestive issues, I wouldn't touch corn period. In view of your diabetes-it is a chancy food-truly a starch and not a vegetable. The new hybrid varieties have higher sugar content than the traditional type we had as children. Because of the increased chance of heart disease in people with diabetes, added butter and salt never are good choices.

    Once a summer is about all I would I do but.more than if I was struggling with diet, digestive disorders, heart disease indicators, and on fluid reduction medication...
    xring responded:
    Slipper, your question about corn on the cob got me thinking (and drooling) so today, I went to the farm near me & bought a couple of hugh ears of sweet corn. I put one in the steamer & ate the whole thing along with a Greek salad with Kidney beans. Then I went for a 25 minute walk.

    I tested two hours later at 121. I'm sure I would have been higher without the exercise - maybe around 150-160, &, of course it would have been your fault .

    BTW, "Smart Balance" is great on corn.
    amanda2581 replied to xring's response:
    Xring you are so funny !Glad you enjoyed the corn I am going to miss it when it goes out of season I freeze it husks and all just trim it up and put in gallon freezer bags, 8-1.00 is a good price and it is Olath sweet corn.I have digestive problems but corn has no effect on that either.I want a corn and black bean salad with diced tomatoes and some avacado, and red onion and a vinegar dressing I think I will make one tomorrow! thanks xring
    GaryTardiff responded:
    I can't touch the stuff. Even half a cup will spike my numbers pretty badly. I miss it but what can ya do?
    cookiedog replied to amanda2581's response:
    Slipper, that is close to how I make my corn/grilled black bean salad. Be sure to use a no carb salad dressing or very low carb and measure out 1/2 cup to eat.

    The carbs total in this salad will surprise you. Only eat a little bit.

    Do black beans and corn not bother your gut?
    betaquartz responded:
    Corn is higher up on the glycemic index, so I watch it carefully. I do like southwestern salads with a little corn and black beans, tomatillo, tomato, onion, peppers and cilantro. However, because of the mix I can use less corn, just a little for flavor.
    rubystar2 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    As Louise said, because the new corn hybrids have a higher sugar content, I truly enjoy corn on the cob with no butter OR salt. The flavour is so outrageously good just as it is I don't think there's any need to 'doctor it up'.
    Honor Student: School of Hard Knocks

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