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My insulin is not working
snuffy8897 posted:
I have been on Humalog and Lantis for a year. For the most part I have been able to keep my sugar's under 200 all of a sudden I can pump in 60 units and my blood sugar does not move I am constantly over 300. Help
cookiedog responded:
I know this is going to sound snotty but I honestly don't mean it the way it sounds.

Have you checked with another glucose monitor? That is a lot of insulin to inject without a reduction in your blood sugar. I wonder if your meter is broken.

How many carbs are you eating per meal?
mrscora01 responded:
This could be due to a ton of different things. Have you talked to your doctor? You do not say if you are a classic T1, T1.5 or a T2. If you are a T1.5, it is possible that your honeymoon period is ending and you require more insulin. If you are a T2 it could be due to increased insulin resistance, or loss of pancreatic function. Again, you should talk to the doc.

How have you been handling the insulin? Do you use an insulin to carb ratio and calculate accordingly? Do you know your insulin sensitivity factor? Are you sure that your basal amount is correct? Has your diet or level of exercise changed?

A talk with the doc or a CDE would probably help you a great deal to get better control.

T1 1966, Dialysis 2001, kidney transplant and pump 2002, pancreas transplant 2008
krhudson responded:
also make sure your insulin has not expired for effectivness. That can be a problem big. 30 days max on Lantus and they mean it ! On Humalog I stretch it a little more if it still seems to work. 30 days on both though. I also decided to refridgerate again while using rather than not.

Also you say you have managed to keep your blood sugars under 200? They need to be below about 140 a large percentage of the time. Ideal numbers between 80 and 120. Go see the Dr. for an A1C 90 day average and see if you need med adjustments. If your last A1C was recent and in good shape I stand corrected and you were just using 200 as a higher benchmark that you never exceeded.

Good luck, let us know how it is going and if you got your medical advice and outcome.

snuffy8897 replied to cookiedog's response:
NOt snotty at all thanks for the suggestion but it is ok I thought of that and it works fine
snuffy8897 replied to mrscora01's response:
Thanks Cora you raised questions that i did not have answers to and I will be getting answers. I found the problam. Since I started on Inuslin last year I have always shot in the same place, yesterday I started shooting in different places and wala problem solved.
DavidHueben replied to snuffy8897's response:
You need to see a doctor ASAP. Your glucose levels are way too high.

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snuffy8897 replied to krhudson's response:
KR thanks I found the problem shooting in the same place caused the inuslin to quit working changed the place I shoot and wala works fine. I know I have to do a better job of controling sugars thanks.
krhudson replied to snuffy8897's response:
Keep rotating on every injection. I used to get lazy and gave the shot in my arms all the time and one day the Dr's nurse asked what was going on with my upper arms. They had large scar tissue form so large bumps. The bumps were the size of the top of an orange. They were on both arms, same area and very firm scar tissue of a certain form.

She reminded me to rotate all areas, upper legs front and side, butt both sides upper and lower, stomach whole area in fatty parts if any of which I had some.

She also told me the lumps in the arms prevent the insulin from being as effective in getting into the whole body and that the scar tissue would be working its way down by about 6 months. She was correct, it is the type of lump that the fluids absorb back into the blood stream slowly over time. I have rotated ever since. I always knew about rotation but I guess never knew what happens if you don't

JanetV84 responded:
I have been a type one diabetic for 18 years now and my diabetes doctor and I have discovered that after about 18 monthsof being on the same type of insulin I too build up a resitance to it so I have to change insulin types about every 12 months or so. I would recomend seeing your doc cause taking that much insulin with that high of a blood sugar is a very dangerous place to be. I know I was just in the hospital because of a bad vial of insulin my sugar in the ER was 781!
krhudson replied to JanetV84's response:
WOW Janet. What did you do then? Did the Dr. change the insulin again? What ones were you once on and what are you on now? I hope all blood sugars are back to normal for you.

undefined responded:
I am going thru the same problem, been type 1 for 16 1/2 years had an accidental overdose. after being released from the hospital, I was told to not start my insulin for a week. I was feeling great my bs was normal for 3 months I was not a diabetic, imagine that! Since my body stabilized I am having a difficult time keeping my bs in normal range. After some extensive research I feel I'm not consuming enough calories. I've introduced lowering bs foods. along with green tea with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. so far it is bring it down and I am seeing fast results. Not sure how much I'm suppose to eat, so I will gradually add till I reach my goal. I hope this helps, keep us posted. GOD BLESS
flutetooter replied to 34411260's response:
I'm confused. How does eating more calories bring your blood sugar down? Are you very thin? If I get under the weight I would like to be, I do have to eat more protein and especially more good fats. Fats do not influence your blood glucose at all. Proteins will make the blood sugar rise, but not as fast as carbohydrates.If I would add more carbohydrates of any kind, my blood sugar would go up.

When you say that you will "gradually add (calories) till I reach met goal" is that a weight goal or a blood sugar goal? and is that goal less or more than your numbers are presently?
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