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    How long does Metformin stay in your system?
    minniepauz2 posted:
    I've been taking 850mg twice daily for about 3? months and took my last one this morning. My fbs this morning was 111, but 4 hrs later it was 160 (breakfast had only 17g carb- a piece of flaxseed bread).

    My prescription says no refills and I don't see my doctor until the 18th and have no way of reaching her (I go to a clinic and they're not available until Mon.) I called the pharmacy and they said they could give me a couple of pills to hold me over until Mon., but it's a 40 min. drive to get there. I'm wondering if it's messing things up a lot if I go without it for 4 days?
    phototaker responded:
    Before you do that, I would suggest you eat an egg, Eggbeaters with light cheese, or something else with protein. You can't just eat a slice of bread, as it will send up your blood sugar numbers. I'm not on medicine. I have to eat protein along with any bread or fruit. For ex., I have a small piece of fruit and nuts. Try that before you drive anywhere. Make sure you get some chicken or tuna in with your salad for lunch.
    auriga1 responded:
    If the pharmacist can give you some pills to hold you over, I would go for it. Metformin works best when you take it regularly. Just so you know, it's what I would do. Not a doctor.

    I take two insulins and if the one injection is off by a couple of hours, my sugar rises. I need to be consistent and timely. Many meds work this way.
    auriga1 responded:
    Sorry, one more thing.

    Clinically speaking, metformin peaks in the system 1-3 hours after taking it. It has a half-life of 6.2-17.6 hours. It is not metabolized, but secreted in the urine.

    The mechanism of action is thought to be due to increasing the binding of insulin to its receptor, which means it improves tissue sensitivity to insulin.
    minniepauz2 replied to auriga1's response:
    Thank you for the responses, especially yours, auriga1...that is what I was trying to find out, so I guess I'd better go ahead and drive over there and get what the pharmacist will give me. I don't think it will be 4 day's worth, but if it's two I can just take half a dose to get me through until Wed.

    Phototaker...I meant to say that I had eggs, sausage and 1 piece of flaxseed bread for breakfast. I only have that once in awhile and it's only 17g of carbs. I don't even eat much fruit since it sends my bs up--except for strawberries. I just had a chef's salad with eggs & turkey and I eat nuts for a snack. Thanks for your feedback too!

    This just aggravates me to have to waste the gas on a Sat. afternoon! Wish I had realized I had to get a new prescription last week!
    minniepauz2 replied to minniepauz2's response:
    Ok...2 hours gone out of my day, but I got 6, count'em 6 Metformin pills to last me until Wed.! Really needed 8 to keep at my optimum dosage, but this is better than 0 for 4 days!
    auriga1 replied to minniepauz2's response:
    Good for you Minnie. Glad you did that. My pharmacy does the same thing, if one runs out. My doctor's office is only open from 9-5, M-F. In general, if anything should go badly wrong, I wind up at the ER.

    I had an insulin vial that was expired by one day, and my sugar shot up to 435. My drugstore wasn't giving me an extras on that one. LOL.
    minniepauz2 replied to auriga1's response:
    Damn, that's scary!! I'm fairly new to all this and have been doing a ton of research since April when I was diagnosed. My A1c was 7.6 at that time. It's 5.9 now so I didn't want to lose the progress I've made from diet, exercise and the Met.
    hootyowl2 responded:
    Dear Minnie,

    I am glad you went and got the extra metformin. Just eating protien though, is very bad for your kidneys and other organs. You need both protiens and carbs with each meal or snack. You should eat 1 protien such as eggs, or meat or other [beans, whole grains, cheeses, etc.> and 3 or 4 carb servings which would be 45 or 60 grams of carbs with meals. A snack should be 1 protien and 1 carb if you use them. Your body cannot live without carbs, and I do not mean things like candy and cake. I mean healthy carbs such as vegetables and fruits. When you are not eating enough carbs, your liver tries to compensate by releasing extra sugars into your blood, and that elevates your blood sugar worse than if you had eaten a few carbs. Or your blood sugars can go dangerously low, and prove fatal. Diabetes is fickle and requires careful balancing of our foods, meds and exercise.
    phototaker replied to minniepauz2's response:
    Yeah...I didn't know about the egg you had. Auriga gave you great advice. Glad you went and got your pills, Minniepauz2.
    auriga1 replied to minniepauz2's response:
    Minniepauz, you're doing very well. You've made excellent progress. Just keep at it. Your A1C is excellent. All you have to do is stick with the going backwards. One of these days, you may not need the metformin. There are many here who have taken insulin and/or oral meds and have lost all the meds using diet and exercise alone these days. The key is to stick with it, so your sugars don't go up at any time.

    I'm one of those Type 2's that doesn't quite fit into the box. Underweight at diagnosis and immediately put on insulin. My A1C was 13.2, but have made great progress over the almost four years down to 6.0.

    By seeing what you have done so far, I know you will be successful.
    minniepauz2 replied to hootyowl2's response:
    I must not be expressing myself very well today, lol!! I'll try again:
    • Breakfast was 2 eggs, 3 link sausages and 1 slice of toast (flaxseed bread--which is whole grain).
    • Lunch was a chef's salad with turkey, egg, cucumber, tomato & romaine lettuce. Oh, and some cheese.
    • Dinner was grilled chicken breast and fresh broccoli
    • Snacks were almonds and strawberries. I've also got hardboiled eggs ready to make deviled eggs.

    Hootyowl2, I appreciate the advice but can't imagine where you got the idea that I might be eating just proteins. I feel I've found a well-balanced menu for myself and have been sticking to it completely....haven't had a piece of cake or pizza or any bad carbs for 5 months. I walk 1-2 miles 7 days a week and I've lost 37 lbs.

    I don't add them up because as long as my bs is within the desired range, I know I'm doing it right and I'm healthy. I'm a person that can feel satisfied with just a taste of something, so I'm not craving things. I don't believe in using medication to correct bad habits either. I'd rather just not eat what makes my sugar go up.

    I quit smoking 5? years ago and now I'm determined to get as healthy as possible before my 63rd birthday next April. If the doctors had told me a year ago that my A1c was 6.7 I'm sure I could have prevented the need for medication, but it was "overlooked" and I had no idea until this April when it was 7.6. Kind of aggravated about that but trying to "let it go".
    phototaker replied to minniepauz2's response:
    Wow, quitting smoking! Good for you! Slipper quit smoking, too.
    That's really hard to do for some people.

    I turn 64 next month.

    I also wish my doctor had spoken to me about correct diet and exercise when I was pre-diabetic. Even though my mom was diabetic, I did know what how to eat right, but I needed a little more encouragement. I had NO IDEA of the damage not eating right would do, even though I do remember her talking about the pain in her legs and feet. She was ill with so many things and complaining that I just turned off after a while. My doctor was also retiring. I think he was concentrating more on getting me to use Fosamax for my bone loss, then telling me to be more careful about the pre-diabetic score.

    Again, like you, I can't go back and do it over. I was somewhere around 7.1 or 7.3 when diagnosed with diabetes. I'd have to go back and look. My A1c is 5.9 and I've lost 38 lbs., all without medicine.
    amanda2581 replied to phototaker's response:
    Photo I do not know where you got the idea I quit smokeing I have not smoked in 18 years.LOL! slippeer
    snoopyshoes07 responded:
    Maybe you can borrow a few from a friend, your fbs will go up fast in 2 days.

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