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Plasma have too much fat???
Noelrose7189 posted:
I went and donated plasma and they said that my plasma had to be destroyed because there was too much fat in it. What does it mean when you have a high fat content in your plasma? What could cause this? How can you fix this problem? Could you have diabetes or any thing like that with high levels of fat in your plasma?
laura2gemini2 responded:
I used to work in a plasma center. We had people who had high lipids in their plasma all the time. Usually it meant that they were dehydrated, or they ate something they shouldnt have before donation. Only once in a while was it something constent for members. Usually it only happens once.

Having a high lipid content doesnt necessarily mean you have diabetes, it just means you have a lot of fat in your blood at that time. Have you had your cholesterol checked? Do you have a history of high triglycerides? Those things are something to discuss with your doctor if you are worried. What I can suggest is to drink plenty of water (moreso than usual) and eat good nutritious food the day before and day of donation.

Well hydration = less time for donation. (I created that when I worked there :-D )
auriga1 responded:
High fat in the plasma is usually due to a diet high in saturated fats. You might want to ask your doctor to do a cholesterol check and find out about all your cholesterol numbers.

High glucose levels (uncontrolled diabetes) can also lead to fat storage. High levels of fat in plasma does not necessarily mean one is diabetic. High GLUCOSE levels indicate diabetes.

Fixing the problem is eating healthier. Drop the saturated fats from the diet. Eat more veggies and moderate fruits. Proteins should be lean meats, poultry and fish.
krhudson replied to auriga1's response:
an easy fix :-) and a lot of exercise also helps :-).

NoelRose, I have heard high fat in plasma is possible for high trygliceroids (sp). Best to go in and get a lipid panal and complete metabolic panel. In other words if you are do for a physical exam go for it! A fasting blood sugar can also be ordered to see how your AM blood sugar is before food. That would be the first step. If the blood sugar level is up than an A1C 90 day average blood sugar control test would be ordered.

These are seperate conditions, one is cholesterol (good and bad) and Diabetes, blood sugars are not at normal ranges throughout the full day and night.


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