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    Am I at risk?
    alliej0225 posted:
    I am having trouble with restless leg syndrome and went to the doctor. He told me that I should be checked for diabetes. I have sores that will not heal on the top of my foot and also on my legs and buttocks. I have had my sugar checked in the past and my primary care physician tells me it is ok. My sister was diabetic and lost both legs and her life last year. I do not want to end up like she was so I don't know if I should insist that my primary care doctor do more test or just leave it alone. I know that being overweight doesn't help but I have other health problems also. I suffer from depression, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, numbness and tingling in my feet, legs, and hands, and, of course, the restless leg syndrome. I take several medications, such as, effexor er, trileptal, lasix, priloc otc,synthroid, neurotin (hope I spelled that right), sinemet, zetia, albutarol inhaler for asthma. So, is any of this enough to be concerned about that it would mask diabetes symptoms? Any help would be appreciated.

    amanda2581 responded:
    Hello alliejo!!! I also have a few of those medical things that you have .And I also have restless leg syndrome,I have had it all my life and I get so frustrated with it and it can come and go.I think you should be checked better for diabetes,But that is just my opinion.I also get swelling and sometimes sores on my feet and one on my butt cheek that has always came and went,my dr. gave me some ointment and it has worked great,I also get cracks at the crease on the top of my feet where the ankle bends and it has helped them.I have severe dry skin you can write your name on it .I just drink plenty fluids and put lotion on me.I also have high blood pressure it is controlled with meds.I also have tingling and numbness,I would tell your pcp you need to be checked again for diabetes.and thyroid test there are different tests for thyroid.Let us know.slipper
    phototaker responded:
    Allie, when you go see your doctor, tell the doctor you want to have an A1C test. This tests 3 months of your blood sugar numbers, with emphasis on the last month especially. That way you'll get a better idea if you have diabetes or not. Sometimes you can get a good fasting glucose number, and not realize you really do have diabetes.

    The fact your sister was diabetic sure plays into this too. I'm SO SORRY that you lost your sister to this disease. You must be heartbroken. I think you're very smart to pursue this. You don't want to be sicker.

    Thyroid problems can cause depression. Many diabetes are put on pressure and cholesterol medicines. Numbness and tingling in your legs "MAY" be a symptom of possible nerve damage from high sugars. Go see your doctor. Also, if I were you, I'd check out drug interractions with each other. There's a drug site you can go to that tells you what drugs can't go together or ways to take your drugs, with food, not eating grapefruit, etc. Your asthma medicine can cause bone loss, so make sure you have calcium and vitamin D every day.

    The best thing to do is write all your concerns down "before" you go the doctor.

    Being overweight is a big problem for you as it causes many more problems. If you can start losing some pounds, it will be better for you. Also, daily exercise is important also. Don't look at losing weight like a DIET. It's not a diet, but possibly a NEW way of eating for you. You will feel much better if you can get off some of these medicines, too. Thyroid medicine is important. Once you regulate your body correctly with the medicine, it should make other things better in your body.

    Be sure to ask any other questions you want. Good luck!
    krhudson replied to phototaker's response:
    Ditto from me! Photo, you covered it well.

    alliej0225 replied to phototaker's response:
    My test on blood sugar was 120 and that was fasting. I am to have a fasting glucose test on December 16 and was told to eat like I normally do. What can I expect now,
    phototaker replied to alliej0225's response:
    Allie, I'm getting those fasting numbers now, but I'm not on medicine. The rest of the day, I have times when I'm 85-100.
    I am definitely diabetic, as the minute I have too many carbs, my blood sugar numbers go up. Just wait until you have your blood glucose test, and ask to have an A1C test, that tests 3 months.
    Good luck! I have to rush to meet a friend for a movie tonight.
    alliej0225 replied to phototaker's response:
    I have been having some trouble at night. I called my primary care doctor and they aren't really concerned. I have awaken at night with my head so dizzy that I couldn't not sit up or stand up. And my vision will be blurry. The first night it happened it wasn't really bad. But the second night my vision was blurry that I could hardly see at all. Last night I got up and I was dizzy but nothing like the last two nights. Is this something coming from diabetics or should I insist on them looking for something else? Thanks for any help and all your support.
    phototaker replied to alliej0225's response:

    You have ALL the symptoms of diabetes. GET RID OF YOUR OTHER DOCTOR! Do you have health insurance? If your blood sugar numbers are high, it can cause blurry vision. If they go low, you have other symptoms, like being dizzy, etc. You may also be having blood pressure or rapid heartbeat problems. There may be multiple things going on. You need a FULL workup from your doctor. DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR! Go to another doctor. This doctor is not listening to you. Maybe you've had so many issues, he has closed off.
    Sores on your body can come if you sit and don't move around much. In any case, something is wrong. Sores that don't heal can come from HIGH SUGARS. If you are overweight, inactive, and not eating low carbs, and having surgery foods or lots of bread and pasta, you might have very dangerously high sugars. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW!

    Some people also get panic attacks, but I'm hearing other things going on. I'm not a doctor and even if I was, you can't diagnose anyone over the internet. There are some doctors that are good and some that are not as good. If you are getting fasting numbers that are okay, that doesn't mean you're not diabetic. I can get a good fasting number, but if I eat anything with high carbs can go up to 200's easily. I'm not on medicine.

    You need to listen to yourself and find ANOTHER DOCTOR.
    The new doctor needs to look at ALL your medications. Thyroid problems cause so many things, depression, etc. When you add so many other medications, it causes other side effects too. Listen to yourself. Your sister was a diabetic, too.

    First, make an appt. RIGHT AWAY with another doctor. If you are dizzy and having major troubles breathing, disoriented, (You need insurance for this), HAVE SOMEONE DRIVE YOU to the emergency room today. Have them check your blood sugar levels, check your heart, and run some tests. I had an irregular heartbeat, which caused me to be dizzy and disoriented. I was told I should have gone to the emergency room, which luckily I did. DO you have any irregular heartbeats?

    If you're computer literate, go online to look up drug interactions. See if any of your medicines have problems with other medicines and their side effects.

    Also, high blood pressure can cause dizziness, too. Buy yourself a Life Source or other blood pressure machine. I know there are places that will test this for free. I test mine a few times a week, to make sure it's in the range.

    Good luck! Thanks for checking back. You're right. Go see another doctor. Even if you find out it's only a panic attack, you'll feel so much better. Let us know how you're doing.
    DavidHueben replied to alliej0225's response:

    If your fasting glucose test was 120, you are "at risk" for developing Type II diabetes. A result between 100 and 126 is suggestive of pre-diabetes.

    Two fasting glucose tests done on different days that are 126 or greater is the standard for diagnosing Type II diabetes.

    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that is bad for you! -Tommy Smothers
    phototaker replied to amanda2581's response:
    Allie, I found this neat site that you can put each of your medicines into. I'm not sure I spelled these right or you did, but check out your medicine bottles, and write down the spellings correctly and do this yourself. It talked about symptoms you get with these medicines and interactions with other medicines, too.

    I saw dizziness as one of the symptoms. You can print this out afterward and give it to your new doctor. Remember, this is just a website I found, and may not be accurate, but it can give you some ideas to talk to the doctor about.,2296-1524,1146-676,1147-677,515-250,1463-869,1062-598
    alliej0225 replied to phototaker's response: I need guidance. I was told today that I am type 2 diabetic. I was given medication to take twice a day. What can I expect now
    phototaker replied to alliej0225's response:
    Hi Allie, Did your doctor tell you your fasting glucose number?
    Did they give you an A1C test to see how you've been doing the last 3 months?

    What medication were you given? If it's Metformin, you "might" experience some gastro problems for a little while. Also, the medicine doesn't work fully right away, so give it some time.

    Were you given a testing kit with test strips? Did your doctor encourage you to attend diabetes classes? If not, ask your doctor where they might have these. Usually hospitals have classes. You can also talk to a dietician to see how to eat correctly with diabetes. If you want some help with food ideas, ask us, and we'll help too.

    I found reading labels helpful. At first I just looked at sugar content, but then people on here told me to look at the total carbs. Also look at how many servings on the can or package for those carbs. If it says 2 servings and 12 carbs, that would be 24 carbs for the whole thing.

    Ask any other questions you want. I'll be here off and on tonight. How are you feeling about the diagnosis?
    alliej0225 replied to phototaker's response:
    She did put me on metformin and it has made my stomach hurt along with diareha. They did not give me a glucose monitoring kit, however, the pharamist where I buy all my medications was nice enough to give me one. Actually, we traded. I gave him some fresh eggs and he gave me the monitoring kit lol. I have been referred to the center for diabetic treatment.And the dianosis scares me. My sister was diabetic and I know that she did not take caer of herself. She lost both legs and the she died last year in October. So any thing that I know about it was thru her. And I know for a fact that she would eat 6 donuts and then take a shot and think that was allright.

    I haven't had anything to eat since supper and I check my sugar and it was 134. Is that too high? I am dizzy and hard to focus my eyes. thank goodness I can type without looking lol. And it is las what he wanted to probably for spouse to help im today.
    alliej0225 replied to alliej0225's response:
    And I know the last didn't make sense to anyone, but my spouse was going to help me today and he ended up sick. Now I will be the one to feed all the animal and take care of all of them.

    Half the time I am guessing what I am typing. So, you see if there are any errors in my tuping, I just blame it on my spouse lol
    alliej0225 replied to phototaker's response:
    They did give me my numbers. The fasting number was 113. Then I had to drink some awful tasting stuff that was so sweet it made me gag lol. One hour after drinking that stuff, my number was 220. Then the next hour is was 283. I take it that it wasn't high as some people. But they said it indicated that I was type 2 diabetic. Could they be wrong? I sure hope so.

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