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    Need info on how to gain weight!
    An_202776 posted:
    My significant other was diagnosed two years ago with type 1 diabetes. By the time he went to the doctor he had lost quite a bit of muscle from his sugar being so high for so many months. He went from 6'2" 270lbs to 150lbs. What should he be eating to gain weight?
    krhudson responded:
    Hi Anon, I have to work to keep my weight up now to. I just eat all the things type 1's and 2's should eat which are the lean proteins, veggies, fruits, a lot of salad with chicken in it, low sugar yogurt ( when going for exercise only, has fructose), cheese etc... By doing this and making my portions small and exercising, the weight stays stable but seems close to being to thin which is why I bulk up when I can.

    Your SO also has a carb counting formula right? Be sure he clears anything he does with the DR. first. He should ask the Dr. what to indulge in to get some weight back on. He can also see a dietitian and they will certainly notice he looks thin and have all the choices of ideas. The ones I list works for me and I am on Lipitor to help lower Cholesterol and as a preventative medication for the Diabetes to avoid heart problems as long as possible since that problem can be more common for a Diabetic.

    My Dr. told me to increase fats to a degree (no overly done) and higher calories. If I take my diet and just increase portions it has to be factored into the mealtime insulin dose.

    He can add mixed nuts to the diet. I get them from Trader Joes and they have dried cranberries in with the nuts. Makes for a great snack and has fat. He can have those with slices of cheese in moderation and sliced apples in moderation. Avacodos in the salad is a good fat. If he can fit whole milk into the plan that would be a fat but be sure he watches the Milk portion since it does spike the blood sugar.

    For breakfast, one that would help out for bulk would be 1/2 cup Oatmeal with Milk instead of water with light butter on top and sprinkle some berry granola on it. Make sure he gets a Morning Star veggie sausage for the protein part and add an egg occationally.

    Make sure he is careful with the Oatmeal and that he tests his blood sugar. Oatmeal is not ok for everyone and if he is adding the milk for fat that is double whammey on the sugar content. Usually as a type 1 we can figure out how to get that into our meal plan. Make sure he factors enough insulin for that so the 2 hour blood sugar does not exceed about 160. I am sure he is familiar if he takes Humalog fast acting insulin with meals. If not, what type of insulin is he on? A mix? Or a 24 hour with the mealtime insulin?

    Of course all depends on you SO's overall blood sugar control, dietary habits and exercise plan. Exercise is still good for building muscle and protein also helps with that and weight gain happens through muscle building.

    Let us know how it is going!

    krhudson replied to krhudson's response:
    Anon, dont't forget he can have olive oils and a tablespoon of a dressing that is higher in fat for a salad. For the dressing though watch out for high sodium or higher sugars. He can also slowly allow for whole grains in the diet and use mayonaisse occationally.

    Just be careful and do not let him fill up on whole grains to much or stuff himself with fats. Everything in moderation and be sure he is testing his blood sugars often to be sure all foods agree with his plan.

    One more thing, 80/20 hamburger, no bun or meatloaf. About 5 oz. with a couple of baby red potatoes with light butter and pepper and the veggies with a salad and rather fat dressing. That is an example of a rather high fat meal.

    Subgirl responded:
    I had the same thing happen to me I am 5'10 and was between 150-160 and within 2 mo I went down to 119. I went into the ddoc because I thought I had a thyroid imbalance and found
    out I had diabetes and was put in the hospital for a couple days. I am having a very hard time with controlling what I eat and keeping my blood sugar down. I am starting to learn more about this .. I am not able to gain any weight though.
    hootyowl2 replied to Subgirl's response:
    Antidepressants caused my weight gain, and it was not just a few pounds either. My weight was average for my height and build before them, now I cannot ditch the lard. I ditched the meds, since NO meds are good enough to merrit such a huge weight gain [50 lbs in less than 3 months, plus another 20 lbs before I figured out the problem. I ditched most of the 20, but cannot seem to budge the last of it.>. Maybe they would be more useful to help people GAIN weight who need to ? No, they did NOT increase my appetite or any other such thing. They were just instant LARD. I think they should be taken off the market, myself. Steroids have similar problems for me, and I refuse to take them also.

    DavidHueben replied to hootyowl2's response:
    Several years ago, I took Cymbalta for mild neuropathy. I did not gain or lose weight.
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    jacobedward02 responded:

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