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Feeling sleepy after a meal
Indiaguerita posted:
Does anyone know if feeling very sleepy after every meal (even if it's a healthy meal), is a symptom of Diabetes?

Everytime I eat something, no matter how healthy or how unhealthy the food is, I always feel drained. I feel so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open.

Does this have anything, at all, to do with Diabetes?

Thanks for any responses you may have to this post.

phototaker responded:
If you possibly have diabetes and are eating too many carbs, healthy or not, it could make you very sleepy.

Do you have any relatives with diabetes?
Do you feel tired or have tingling in your legs or feet?
Are you very thirsty or go to the bathroom a lot?

Sleepy could also be other things.

You could have an allergy to gluten, wheat, or other things.
You could have sleep apnea.
You could have thyroid problems.

The best thing is to check with your doctor and have him/her do some blood tests to check for different things.

For me, when my blood sugar levels go up in the high 100's or early 200's, I doze off.

You "could" get a test kit and strips at the pharmacy and test your blood sugar levels after you eat to see what they are or go to your doctor and have a fasting blood sugar test done.
phototaker replied to phototaker's response:
I had forgotten that you had written before and said you had pre-diabetes and something else after being tested by the doctor. YES, being sleepy can be one of the symptoms. If you are getting a blood sugar of 180, that's much too high. You should be under 100, and under 140 two hours after your meal. That's probably why you're so sleepy. Are you counting your carbs and keeping them lower for each meal? Ask your doctor how many carbs you can have at each meal. Some people here do 35-40 carbs at meals and 10 at snacks. Eating smaller meals, and more of them would be better for you to keep your levels down.

What are you eating each meal? Have you talked to a dietitian?
Indiaguerita replied to phototaker's response:
I had the fasting sugar test done about two weeks ago and it came back with extremely high insulin levels.

I have a grandmother who has diabetes, but she controls hers with diet and exercise. Her sugar levels are fairly normal now and she does not take any medicines to combat her diabetes.

I do not have tingling in my legs or feet. I do feel tired though. Pretty much all the time. (I also work the "late shift" at work.)

I am not thirsty, however I do CRAVE water when I am thirsty.

Sleep apnea...possibly...especially since I am fat. *sigh*

I don't have thyroid problems, I've been tested for that like three times this year because of the depression symptoms that I have...

I go to a follow up with my doctor next week. I'm writing down all your reponses so I can remember to ask the doctor about this stuff.

Thanks for responding, Photo. I really appreciate your suggestions.

phototaker replied to Indiaguerita's response:
Okay, Laura, I'm going to give you some strong advice. You say you are heavier. So here goes...this should help.

If POSSIBLE, see if you can get a daytime job. Night shifts can cause havoc on the body. I'd read studies on nurses who work at night. It's not good. You might not be sleeping right or getting enough sleep.

Next, you've got to lose weight, by cutting down calories. I noticed when I shopped at night, the fresh stuff is not out as much at the markets. You have to really look at what you're eating and cut down portions of your meals and the carb levels. Calorie King.Com has different carb levels for different foods, in case you're curious.

A healthy food might be a pineapple or a banana, but for a diabetic, there is too much carbs(sugar) in those fruit. Try melons, berries, or a "small" apple. Dried fruit is OUT. So is orange juice. All those things are considered healthy, as well as the blender juice drinks. It spikes your sugar up higher.
Even white potatoes or pizza will do that.

Stick with salads, vegetables, and proteins like eggs, fish, (salmon is good), lean meats, white meat chicken, beans, lentils, nuts, etc.

Cut down on breads, pastas, and rice. If you must eat those, have whole grain or whole wheat, and have only one slice of bread, especially if you want to lose weight. I lost 38 lbs., just cutting down on things.

You MUST exercise every day if you can. If you can get this weight off, your blood sugar numbers will most likely go down, too, and you will feel less depressed and healthier. Exercise raises the "happy" endorphins in your body and makes you feel good. High blood sugar can cause you to feel really badly.

So, your assignment for the week, Laura, is to research diabetes and find out about the disease a little, and to start reading labels at the supermarket. Try to get some walking in every day. You don't have to do everything at once. Just look up a little every day.

I know you can do it! It will make you feel so much better. Trust me on this. Now that I exercise every day, except on Sundays, I feel so great. I hardly ever get down. Do you have a gym nearby? Do you like to dance? Do you swim? Do you have friends to walk with? Do you like to bike ride?
phototaker replied to phototaker's response:
Oh yeah, I had been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. After losing the weight, I no longer have the symptoms.

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